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Then there's Laura. She says that she watched past seasons and always wanted to have Jillian as her trainer. And then she saw how much everybody loved Bob. She almost felt jealous, because it was a lovefest on the other side of the gym while she was being verbally abused. However, she's gotten past it. Jillian has helped her a lot, and so she's decided to stick with her. Jillian gives Laura a big hug and whispers that she's honored that Laura trusts her and trusts the process. What process? Laura gives Jillian props for all that she's done, and says that she can live with the "training only" relationship that they've developed. Finally there's Aubrey. Bob lit a fire under her too, and she wants to continue feeling the burn on her butt. So she's chosen Bob as well. That leaves the trainers almost even in terms of their trainees.

The contestants work out furiously in the gym. Original team colors, motivation, squats, water from a Brita filter, etc. Sione, Kristin, and Tara are all on the cusp of hitting 100 pounds. For Kristin and Tara this is a big deal, since they are vying to be the first woman to have lost 100 pounds on campus. Kristin notices that Bob is giving a lot of attention to Filipe and Sione, and tells him that she needs him to help her make it happen, and then she can achieve her dream of becoming a motivational speaker. Bob tells her that he'll do everything he can for her.

With that it's challenge time! Rather, it's time for part one of this week's challenge. Each contestant has a table in front of him or her with colored blocks equaling the exact amount of weight they've lost over the course of the season. They will divide that weight amongst their opponents, and the total amount of weight that each contestant ends up with will be added to part two of the challenge. And nobody knows what part two will be! Sami's certainly not telling. However, she does tell them that the winner of this week's challenge gets immunity, which obviously is a huge prize. Tara knows that she has a target on her back, so everybody is going to be gunning for it.

Aubrey is first to disperse her weight, and takes the traditional Bob's team approach of leaving her fellow trainees alone. She distributes her weight between Tara and Helen, and Kristin interviews that she likes to call this game "Let's see how much everyone in the house hates you." Sounds better than Scattergories, at any rate. Ron also targets Helen, and says that he and a few others had talked over the strategy of laying it on the folks who had "left the protection of the pack." That would include his own son. Ron is a tool. Helen loves how much the others seem to hate her. It makes her doubly sassy. Ron lays the rest of his weight on Tara, and Kristin tells us that a game like this shows who is and is not liked in the house. Apparently, a lot of folks really despise Tara and Helen. Sione and Filipe stack them up with more weight and Helen spouts off a calm, "Bring it." That's kind of awesome. Then Mike gives a bunch of his weight to Tara and Helen, too! Helen's reply? "Bring it." Tara has none of Helen's pluck, and simply feels like she's being ganged up on. Everyone else is cracking up about it, but Tara feels really hurt. Finally it's Helen's turn to distribute her weight. She says that everyone loading her scale was the best thing that could have happened to her, because now she's on fire and is coming for their asses. Bring. It. She gives a little weight to Ron. Tara, meanwhile, gives most if not all of her weight to Sione.

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