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Sami meets up with both of the teams wearing a football jersey. She says that Thanksgiving and football go hand in hand, and so this week the NFL is coming to The Biggest Loser. It's NFL Week. What's with the theme weeks all of a sudden? The contestants are all going to get down and dirty like ballers. Sami brings the contestants outside to meet former football players Jerry Rice and Steve Young. Ed and Vicky are particularly excited. Apparently both of these players were awfully good, and won three Superbowls together with the 49ers. And it turns out that Steve and Jerry have a surprise for the contestants -- it's time for them to do football drills in an obstacle course thingy known as a combine. The first drill involves catching a football. The second is a ropes drill, and the third is called the shuttle -- basically, you have to run back and forth between two cones. Then, number four is the triangle, which involves running around three cones. For drill five the contestants have to do 25 bench presses, then finish the whole thing off with a sprint and tackle. They do not actually tackle one another, which is a lucky break for Amy. The contestants will be timed on their trip through the combine and the winner will get $10,000 -- $5,000 from NFL Play 60, a program that fights childhood obesity, and $5,000 from Steve and Jerry -- to donate to the school of their choice.

The contestants take turns going through the combine with lots of yelling/encouragement from Jerry and Steve. Everyone seems to be giving it their all except Vicky, who barely manages to shuffle her feet. At the end of the course, she tells Jerry and Steve that she's the slowest one there. Jerry (or Steve?) then tells the contestants that this is not over -- they're going to be going through the combine again, and whoever beats their first time by the best margin will be the winner. Turns out Vicky had an inkling that there would be a second run, so didn't give her all the first time. The thing about Vicky is that I suspect she has watched a LOT of reality TV. The contestants go for round two, and Ed gets tripped up in the ropes course. Renee is pretty excited that she made it through without falling on her face, and says that now she feels like she can do anything. Vicky is last to go, and has to beat her initial time of two minutes 39 seconds. Michelle knew that Vicky saved her energy the first time and thus should be able to improve quite a bit. Renee says that Vicky is gaming them all, and they should have gotten rid of her last week when they had the chance. Michelle claps halfheartedly for Vicky at the end and says, "Way to trick us all." I love that these two are as disgusted with Vicky as the rest of us. Jerry and Steve tell the contestants how they did: Heba is in sixth place, Amy C. is in fifth, Michelle is in fourth, Ed is in third, Renee is in second, and of course Vicky wins. Renee is secretly seething that Vicky beat her. Vicky says you can't ask for more during Thanksgiving week than giving back to your community. Yeah, Vicky is all about kindness and charity and the holiday spirit. God bless us every one (except for that lying bitch) (and Phil).

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