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Vicky is up next, and needs to have lost more than 5 pounds. She goes from 187 to 180, for a loss of 7. Oh, DREAD. That's 3.74%. Renee looks pretty sad already. She needs to have lost more than 6 pounds to stay safe. She prays to God for a miracle, which seems about as good strategy as any. Have I mentioned how smokin' Renee is lately? She goes from 207 to 199, for a loss of 8 pounds! This also means that she's out of the 200s. She's very proud of herself, and Jillian and Michelle are pretty proud too. The Blue Team looks bitter. Ha. Renee jumps to first place with 3.86%, and Amy is under the yellow line for the first time. So finally we have Michelle, who needs to have lost more than 5 pounds. If so, Heba will be under the yellow line, too. Michelle goes from 186 to 176, for a loss of FREAKING TEN POUNDS, BITCHES! Amy tears up, which sometimes happens in the wake of a dumb-ass decision. Renee cries as Michelle talks about how grateful she is to be there. Bob is pissed. He says that Michelle and Renee are a force. The ladies of Black all have a big group hug. Michelle has lost 5.38%, which means this has been her best week since week one. Amy is screwed, and she knows it. Bob, who has contributed to Amy screwing herself, tells her to be strong. He says that Vicky is so wrapped up in getting back at Amy that he doesn't know what's going to happen. Well, everyone else in America does.

Amy points out that she saved Vicky, and Vicky gave her word that if Amy fell she'd save her. She hopes all goes according to plan. Meanwhile, Heba hopes that Vicky stays true to their alliance and votes off Amy. In the elimination room, Sami gives Amy and Heba one minute each to plead their cases. Heba says she's not ready to go and doesn't want to be split from her husband again. She also wants to get under 200 pounds before she leaves the ranch. Amy says that she loves everyone there, and that they have to do what they have to do. She's driven and focused and wants to stay at the ranch. If the others feel in their hearts that they should keep her, they should do it. And if not, she'll respect them anyway. Sami reminds us that in case of a tie, the person with the lowest weight loss will be automatically eliminated. That's Amy. Yeah, Amy has no chance.

Each contestant goes up to write their vote. Michelle and Renee both purport to be torn, since even though Heba is part of the H(B)V(+E) virus, Amy is a real threat. Vicky also says that she's unsure about what to do, since Heba has so much weight left to lose and is a threat as well. Yeah, I'm sure she's SO torn. The votes are revealed. Michelle promised not to vote off Amy after Amy saved her, and keeps true to her word. She votes for Heba. Renee had a similar promise, and also votes for Heba. Ed, of course, is not going to vote off his wife. He votes for Amy. This leaves Vicky as the deciding vote, which I'm sure she LOVES. Vicky says that this all goes back to two weeks ago, when Amy voted off Brady. I guess her revenge vision board worked, and she gets to send Amy home. She manages not to smirk while Amy is still in the room, which I guess is progress. Oh, drat.

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