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Sami reminds the teams how hard it is to say goodbye to a friend. But the opposite side of that is that five of them are left, and one of them is going to walk away with $250K. But tonight they need to pack their bags and get a couple hours of sleep, because they're going to New York City! For a whirlwind makeover!

Meanwhile, Amy exit interviews that the Amy who came to Biggest Loser always put on a funny face for everyone, but at heart was insecure. That has all changed. She lost 71 pounds, and is confident and strong. The next time we see her she's going to be $100,000 richer and 100,000 times hotter, she says. Awwww. We see Amy head home to Detroit. She never got to get made over on the show, so decides to shop the racks at her favorite boutique at home. The last time she was there she couldn't fit into anything. Not anymore! She gets a fancy dress that she wears to her welcome home party. There are a lot of people there. Amy's dad totally bawls when he sees her, which is sweet. He is happy to see Amy in her glory, and looking and feeling beautiful. Shellay tells us that Amy was always gorgeous, no matter what size she was, but now she's radiating. Amy tells her family and friends that she feels wonderful, and that it means the world to her that so many folks are there for her homecoming. Amy has gone from a 22 to an 8, and says that her local university has been supporting her by giving her use of their trainers. She feels good and confident to do things that the old Amy would have never done, such as singing at a hockey game. And she has a great voice! Amy hopes to weigh 125 pounds at the finale. I have to say, it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world if she won the at-home prize, particularly if she beat the rest of the Blue alliance to do so.

Next week: My worlds collide as the Biggest Losers appear on The Tyra Banks Show. Hold me.

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