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We head to the gym along with the contestants. Heba tells us that Phil is taking the game where it doesn't need to be. For example, he allegedly approached Brady on the basketball court with a plan to oust Heba. Heba thinks that Phil has something against her personally. Who wouldn't? Heba says she would be embarrassed to be Phil. I would be embarrassed to have such a lack of self-awareness. To each her own, I guess. As a raccoon washes his hands in the pool, the Blue Team approaches the Black Team during dinner, likely about something nefarious. Oh, yes. Heba confronts Phil because he's "talking about her" again. Heba particularly has an issue with Phil saying something about how she's always hugging Bob in front of the cameras. A little close to home there, eh? Heba wonders why Phil would go to her friend and "blasphemy" her. Yeah, and right after she turned Gatorade into wine and fed the multitudes with a 100-calorie snack pack. Brady is all for the Phil attack, since there's only room for one rooster in this hen house. Well, more health-conscious egg sandwiches for all of us, I guess.

Coleen, on behalf of the rest of us, thinks that this whole thing is stupid, tells Phil and Heba so, and then leaves the room. For his part, Phil is befuddled, since on the basketball court he was not saying anything offensive about Heba, but rather wanted to have a gameplay-type conversation. Whatever Brady took back to Heba, says Phil, was blown completely out of proportion. Renee agrees, and totally thinks Heba is a drama queen. Heba, living up to her reputation, tells Phil that he has no reason to say anything against her except for the fact that he hates her. Well, who could blame him for that, really. Michelle is livid that the Blue Team is trying to cause tension between them and Phil. Heba takes the morally superior ground of telling Phil that she can forgive him, and he's the one who has to live with being so hateful. Yeah, but she has to live with being Heba. Which fate is worse -- this or that? Anyway, Heba can't get over it. When Phil tries to explain that he doesn't hate her, she yells aggressively that she already forgave him and that she's the bigger person. In this competition, is that really a good thing? She then goes on to tell him that he's a slimy snake in the grass and she would be embarrassed to be him. Heba interviews that Phil doesn't deserve to have a person like her in his life. No, in fact, he doesn't. As obnoxious as he may be, even he doesn't deserve it. Phil feels like everyone hates him and is kind of sad about it. He goes up to his room, and the ladies of the Black Team go to him and tell him that he's still their teammate and they're happy to have him, no matter what was said. They want to differentiate themselves from the "Blue Monster," at which they succeed simply by not being completely fucking annoying. Well done!

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