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Challenge time! There are cranes in the air, and everyone is feeling a bit puzzled. Sami greets the teams and notes that the Black Team has lost a combined total of 180 pounds, while the Blue Team has lost a combined total of 226 pounds. Those pounds are going to help them in all aspects of their lives, starting right now. The more weight they've lost on the ground, the less weight they'll struggle with up in the air. Coleen is clearly psyched that her fear of heights will be exploited once again. The challenge works as such: each team will be in a harness, with each player holding on to a rope. Whichever team has the player who hangs on longest will win. The catch is that they'll be struggling against their own body weight, which is also apparently suspended in the air and tied to the rope. I don't entirely understand what's going on -- something with pulleys and whatnot. The Black Team will have to pull an additional 40 pounds since the Blue Team won the temptation challenge. The team that wins gets to choose any player from the opposite team and make their weight not count at the weigh-in. Vicky tells us that this is a must-win for the Blue Team since they need Brady's big numbers.

The teams are suspended 50 feet in the air and Coleen starts freaking out a little. Each team holds on to its own weight on this complicated contraption. It's a lot of poundage all around. Amy C. has burning hands that soon become numb. It might be good or it might be bad, but it's helpful, since she can't feel the pain. At 30 minutes, everyone's still in. Sami announces that one member of each team is going to have to let go and the teams have a minute to decide who. Michelle volunteers to let go for the Black Team, and Vicky lets go for Blue. The task gets immediately harder for Phil, who is positioned next to Michelle. Eventually he lets go and Coleen and Renee are holding all of the weight. The Blue Team is feeling pretty good. Coleen freaks out and lets go and Renee is totally holding 900 pounds by herself. She's an iron woman. But soon she has to let go and the Black Team goes flying. The Blue Team has won. Amy says that she loves the Black Team and Heba pipes in by saying, "I hate them, actually." The Lord loveth righteousness, I guess. The Black Team has some serious fears about the upcoming weigh-in, and for good reason. Sami tells the Blue Team that they'll have until the weigh-in to decide whose weight won't count for the Black Team.

Back at the house, the Blue Team celebrates. They also discuss who they should knock out and do some math in the process. The Blue Team deduces that the Black Team will think that they'll take out Phil, but in fact that's not the best strategy. So it's one of the ladies. They've all been pretty consistent, so Vicky suggests that her team go by the math. And we will learn what that math is later in the episode.

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