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The Black Team sits around and relaxes for a minute, and gets a visit from Jillian. She learns that her team lost the challenge, and that the Blue Team will be choosing one of her teammates to sit out. She's concerned, and says that they'll probably pick Phil or Renee. But no matter what, they have to focus on losing weight and getting healthy, and what will be will be. She knows that her team tried their hardest, and that's what matters. And now it's time to get back in the gym. Meanwhile, Extra Polar Ice Gum is a great alternative to snacking on sweets! Live it, learn it, love it.

Last chance workout! Bob's team heads out for a run as Jillian administers beatings to her newly athletic team. Jillian says to Coleen, "I need to hear you hit that bag," and for a second I have high hopes that Heba will get clocked in the head. No such luck. But she does think she's going to die as she runs, which is enjoyable. Meanwhile, beatings beatings tears beatings.

Weigh-ins! It's all starting kind of early in the episode, so you know something significant is about to go down. Sami asks the Black Team who they're going to have sit out. They've chosen Michelle. Michelle has no idea why, and thinks it's weird. Heba says they crunched weights and percentages to get to their decision. Let's hope they're as dumb as they look. Michelle weighs in first, just for shits and giggles. She starts at 202 and drops to 200, for a loss of 2. She sees the bigger picture, and is quite happy that she's hit 200 pounds even if her loss for this week is modest. Sami asks the Blue Team if they're still happy with the decision they made. They're always self-satisfied, so the answer is yes. Renee is up next. She goes from 225 to 222 for a loss of 3. It's not great, and Jillian says that although Renee's worked really hard, three pounds doesn't keep you in the game. Coleen is up next, and is just hoping for some sort of weight loss after her big week last week. She goes from 179 to 177 for a loss of 2. That's 5 pounds so far for the Black Team when you discount Michelle's loss. Phil is last to weigh in. He interviews that he didn't realize the degree to which he relied and depended on Amy, and that her departure really had an effect on him. He goes from 272 to 269, for a loss of 3. Low numbers all around for Black, and a particularly bad showing for Phil. He thinks that he let a lot of things going on around him influence him in ways they shouldn't. Maybe Heba's forgiveness is just a heavy burden to bear. The Black Team has lost 8 pounds, or 1.18%. They're toast.

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