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Brady is up first for the Blue Team, which needs to lose more than 11 pounds to win for the week. Brady goes from 283 to 270, for a loss of 13. Well, there you go. Even Jillian has to reluctantly clap. Sami tells Brady that they've never had one person by themselves beat an entire team. Brady is pretty happy about it. I don't know, I'm still pretty suspicious of those bitches. So is Michelle, who says that the Black Team realized they got played last week. Bob seems to believe that it's all due to Brady's hard work. I bet Jillian has other theories. In any case, as long as the other members of the Blue Team don't gain weight, they'll have won. Vicky is next on the scale and goes from 203 to 201 for a loss of 2. Not a great number, but not damaging to the team. Heba goes from 253 to 247 for a loss of 6. Oh, great. She'll walk across the pool on the way home just for kicks. Amy C. is up last on the scale. She goes from 193 to 187 for a loss of 6. It's been a good week for the Blue Team all around. Sami tells Amy that she's the biggest loser on campus so far. Wow! I had no idea. Amy tells the rest of her team to forget that. Secretly, though, she's very happy that she's a force to be reckoned with. The Blue Team has lost 27 pounds or 2.90%. They smoked the Black Team. You know what that means -- a trip to the elimination room of doom. Renee is the biggest loser of the week for her team and can't be sent home.

Michelle and Renee discuss who should go home. Renee thinks that Phil is feeling pretty homesick, but Michelle worries what will happen if they don't have a guy on their team. Coleen enters. Coleen has been with the team from the beginning, but doesn't have the numbers to lose. Coleen advocates for herself, saying that she's been living her dream and to stay another week and work toward her goals would be the answer to her prayers. Phil enters the room and tells his teammates that he feels like he let them down this week, but projects a heck of a week next week. He feels like he has the skills that he needs to take it further. The Black Team in general is pretty sad to have to vote either Phil or Coleen off. Phil tells us how hard and stressful the whole process is. I bet punching Heba a few times would help everyone to relax nicely.

The Black Team heads to the elimination room. Sami says that they seemed resigned to losing. Coleen disagrees, saying that they all worked hard. Phil, however, acknowledges that he might have let Amy's departure and all the Heba drama get to him. Also, Phil and Amy's 20th anniversary is in a few days. Aw, he misses her. But put the feelings aside, because the voting is about to commence! Renee voted for Phil. She says that his heart might be at home with Amy. Michelle voted for Phil, too. In turn, Phil votes for Michelle. If Coleen votes for Michelle, which she won't, it will be a tie and the Blue Team will get to decide who goes. Coleen reveals her vote for Phil. He gets to go home and reflect upon all the ways that he's wronged Heba. Phil says that he regrets getting involved in all the drama, and wants to be a good role model for his kids. Sami sends Phil home while wishing him a happy anniversary. Phil tells his team to stay strong and takes his leave.

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