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Phil exit-interviews that he realized so many great things about himself. He's a survivor, he's not gonna give up, he's not gonna stop, he's gonna work harder. And then, the state of Rhode Island issues an emergency alert test. First the captions, then this! Haven't I suffered enough? In any case, when I rejoin with the show, Phil is standing in the very spot that 20 years ago he asked Amy to marry him. It's maybe in a mall or something, or outside of where Amy works. It seems like sort of a random place to propose, but I guess that's what kind of a guy Phil is. Always keeping you on your toes. Amy is surprised to see Phil, and is happy even though it means he's eliminated. Phil has a ring to give Amy and plans to re-pledge his love to her. He asks her again if she'll be his wife, and then comments on how gorgeous the ring he's given her is. Awesome. And then Amy and Phil renew their vows on the spot, in front of a conveniently assembled group of family and friends. Apparently Phil hasn't been able to wear his ring in a long time because his finger got too fat. But now it fits again! And Phil and Amy are husband and wife all over again. Good times pandering to the cameras.

In any case, Phil goes to the beach now! And even takes his shirt off! He's got some facial hair, and likes to play with his kids. Amy tells us that she doesn't think anyone's ever loved a man as much as she loves Phillip. Really? Well, there's somebody for everyone, I guess. Phil has lost 106 pounds since starting the show! He now weighs 225, and is hoping to get to 175 by the finale.

Next week: President Obama, bitches! See you in two.

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