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One Outcast Duo Squares Off Against All The Rest

We begin at the end of last week's elimination, as Sami reveals the show's next! Shocking! Twist! She asks all the players: if they could vote off one team right now, who would be? They have an hour to discuss with their teammates. She makes it clear that this choice will bring serious consequences. Maggie and Jenn feel like they're in a pretty unfortunate position, as they have to vote for a team who just voted them to stay. As with every twist that comes down the pike, they think this sucks. They plan on voting for the biggest threat, and wonder if the other teams will do the same. Jackie, of course, wants to vote off the Black Team, but Dan fears retribution and isn't ready to make that bold statement yet. Jackie has two out of two balls on that team. She tells Dan that if they don't vote for Black, they'll get the most votes. Even if they do vote for Black, they still might get the most votes. But she's certain that, like a really big jack-o'-lantern, it will come down to Black and Orange. Mmm, I want a peanut butter cup and some Smarties.

Jay and Mark for some reason are only deciding between teams that have fallen below the yellow line -- Purple or Yellow. Since Paul has shown his ability to lose a buttload of weight, they figure Team Yellow is a bigger threat and should get the vote. One might guess that Jay and Mark are being altruistic or in possession of some sense of fairness, but honestly I think they just don't understand the rules. Brittany and Bernie are stumped, and trying to figure out what everyone else is going to do. Roger and Trent, who I still can't really tell apart, think that the Black and Pink Teams will get some votes. Since Purple has fallen below the yellow line twice, they think the old "two below, you've gotta go" adage should apply. Yellow, having fallen below the line in the past, is also a contender. They flip a silver tray to determine their vote, but when it indicates Yellow, Roger (or Trent?) suggests two out of three. Paul is certain that he and Kelly should vote for Black, though Kelly feels like Gray is an equal if not bigger threat. Paul says that Trent needs to be there for his health and his life, and Kelly appears to unhappily acquiesce.

Everyone returns to the elimination room with their trays. I hope Sami got paid double time for this. Yellow is first to reveal their vote, which is for Mark and Jay. Ditto for the Blue Team. An apologetic Jenn reveals the Purple Team's vote for Paul and Kelly. Team Black also votes for Paul and Kelly. Interesting. The Gray Team does indeed employ the "two below, you've gotta go" strategy, and votes for Jenn and Maggie. And then Dan apparently won out in the Orange Team's strategizing, because they vote for Jenn and Maggie too. Jackie shakes her head and is wishing she brought her paddle. So, basically, there is a three-way tie and the decision is left to the Pink Team. They went the "threat" route, and also voted for Paul and Kelly. Are Paul and Kelly really that big of a threat? I know they were on top of the pack at the last weigh-in, but before that they had done pretty pitifully. These people are wack. Kelly of course starts crying. She thinks they've been eliminated.

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