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One Outcast Duo Squares Off Against All The Rest

The Pink Team is up first, and Ali has a personal goal of making it to below 200 pounds. Ali goes from 206 to 198 (-8), while Bette-Sue goes from 231 to 224 (-7). Well done, ladies! That's 15 pounds, or 3.43%. Next is the Gray Team. Trent goes from 388 to 375 (-13) while Roger goes from 331 to 319 (-12). Holy cow! That's 25 pounds total, or 3.48%. Jillian is starting to get nervous for the Yellows. Blue Team is next, with all of their shenanigans. This should be interesting. Brittany goes from 203 to 201 (-2), while Bernie goes from 248 to 241 (-7). Brittany says she's disappointed, but we know the truth! And actually, a two-pound loss isn't toooootally out of the question. However, Bob says he's baffled by Brittany's number. In any case, they lost 9 pounds or 2.00%. Sami looks around suspiciously.

The Black Team is next. Mark is showing the beginnings of an hourglass figure from behind. Jay goes from 268 to 258 (-10), while Mark goes from 249 to 235 (-14). Mark is pretty shocked, and, with his new confidence, flexes his man boobs. He can't believe he lost 50 pounds in four weeks. Jay and Mark lost 25 pounds, or 4.64%. Oh, backfiring shenanigans. You smell like cooked Brussels sprouts, which is to say, like farts. Maggie and Jenn are next. Jenn goes from 236 to 229 (-7), while Maggie goes from 221 to 218 (-3). Despite the acknowledged gameplay, Maggie is disappointed to see a number that low. Combined, Team Purple lost 10 pounds or 2.19%. Team Orange is last to weigh-in. Dan goes from 265 to 264 (-1), while Jackie goes from 216 to 214 (-2). Well, I think that they just fucked themselves. Bob is not feeling too hot about this situation. Dan is a pretty bad actor, and Mark has no doubt that there is some serious gameplay happening. He says he's going to make sure that there are consequences for their actions. Jackie interviews that there are all sorts of games to be played, and she's going to play them to her benefit. With their 3-pound weight loss, Jackie and Dan have lost 0.62%. This means that the group average is 2.81%. Jillian just shakes her head. However, I think I also saw a little smile cross her lips.

This, of course, leaves only Team Yellow. As they will be using their two-pound weight-loss pass, they'll have to lose more than 12 pounds to emerge victorious. Paul goes from 269 to 260 (-9), while Kelly goes from 248 to 240 (-8). They are safe, but that doesn't seem like nearly enough to trump Mark and Jay for the first-place position. Paul walks down and grabs Jillian, throws her over his shoulder, brings her up on the scales, and bear-hugs her. Jillian is all, "Okay, big boy." They appreciate her effort. I do wonder, though, if they would have still been safe without the shenanigans. I guess we'll never know. Paul and Kelly lost 17 pounds total. With the additional two pounds that's 19, or 3.39%. And meanwhile, the Black Team has immunity, bitches. Kelly starts tearing up, and knows they're in a tough position. Bette-Sue worries that the bullet is headed for the Pink Team.

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