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One Outcast Duo Squares Off Against All The Rest

Kelly and Paul get some time to think over their decision. Paul has to give the Black Team some credit. And, really, so do I. They were pretty impressive this week, and Mark didn't even have any fits of rage! Kelly says she does like Bette-Sue, and Paul looks at her like she's crazy. Heh. Though the decision is difficult, they're happy that they've earned themselves another week. Dan and Jackie come in to talk to -- and advise -- the Yellow Team. Jackie says that, personally, she wants Bette-Sue and Ali gone. However, this is not a time to think emotionally -- they have to think about the game. Paul interviews that he made it clear to everyone that they were only going to go after one of the three teams who voted for them earlier -- Black, Purple, or Pink. With Black having immunity, it's between Pink and Purple. Team Yellow talk to Bette-Sue and Ali. Bette-Sue is not ready to go. Ali-Sue gets kind of truculent and tells them that if Paul and Kelly want her to say that she won't ever vote them off, she won't, and she means what she says. Okay, what? Ali-Sue says that if the Yellow Team votes them off, it will be purely revenge. Paul and Kelly talk to the Purple Team, too, and Jenn gives her word that they have the Yellow Team's back. Dan thinks that everything worked out to Team Orange's advantage, while Kelly is seriously stressing at having to devastate another team.

Elimination! It's all dragged out as much as possible, with occasional glances to Mark and Jay's low-calorie-shit-eating grins. Kelly says that everyone wants to and deserves to be there, but what's on their minds most is what happened last week -- they didn't know whether to play the game and take out threats, or reward hard work or low numbers. She tells Maggie and Jenn that they want to see better numbers from them, and adds that there's no obligation on either side in the future. She's sending home folks that she likes and respects, and adds that she's not patronizing anyone. She hopes that down the line, the other teams might think differently of her and Paul -- they're not bad people, she says, and neither are the other team. Oh, Jesus, get on with it.

At this point, it's clear that the Pink Team is going home. Ali tells her to just stop with the talking and open the bloody thing. Kelly does, and, indeed, her little tent card has Bette-Sue and Ali's names on it. Ali says that they're the first team to unjustly go home. They came to lose weight and compete fairly and were always above the yellow line. While she's talking, Bette-Sue mumbles, "So much for kumbaya." Oh, shit, I am scared of Bette-Sue. Ali doesn't know that she can do this at home, and thinks it sucks because she deserves to be there. Bette-Sue announces that everyone needs to quit kissing everyone else's ass for fear of being voted out later in the game. If you're going to play the game, she says, play it honestly. There's a lot of fake going on, she says, before announcing that she didn't come there for herself -- she came for Ali -- and also, she's not a very good loser. But, she says, they're going to come back skinnier than all of the other damn people. Anyway, it's all tense and emotional and sad, and it does remind me that -- even though I like the people involved in the alliance by and large -- the gameplay still kind of sucks. It does spice things up, though.

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Biggest Loser




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