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One Outcast Duo Squares Off Against All The Rest

And then, new twist! Starting next week, they'll no longer be eliminating teams. Somebody's going to have to say goodbye to their partner at elimination. Oh, shit!

Ali and Bette-Sue, though still kind of bitter, appreciate the whole Biggest Loser experience, including all the bonding and vetting of emotional issues they did. Bette-Sue tells us that the next time we see her she'll be one hot 53-year-old...with one chin. Aw, I will miss them. At home, Bette-Sue announces that she's lost 49 pounds total. Meanwhile, Ali has lost a total of 61 pounds. She looks great! Bette-Sue looks mostly the same, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Next week: Individual mayhem! And it brings the toughest trainer in America to tears.

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