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One Team Surprised With Trip To Vegas

We enter with Kelly heading back to her room one hour after elimination. Paul is gone, and she feels vulnerable. She guesses she doesn't like being alone. If it came down to being alone and being with Paul...well, I'd at least have to toss a coin. The other Black Team members talk to her and hope that she understands their decision. Brittany says that with Paul gone, she thinks their team will be stronger. We get a flashback to that week that Paul gained three pounds. Yeah, good point. Kelly is worried about her own standing, thinking that if she falls below the yellow line she's next to go. The pressure to be the biggest loser of the week is intense. But not as intense as the pressure on her bladder when Paul accidentally karate-kicked her in the gut when he was being Mr. Judo Tough Guy. Oh, and in case you were wondering, Kelly's crying.

Meanwhile, the Blue Team does their gay "1-2-3 PRIDE!" cheer. Roger notes that they won the last weigh in pretty soundly and, I quote, "Wiped the floor with the Black Team." I hear that schadenfreude tastes like Jennie-O turkey.

The next morning, Jillian meets with her team and explains the grim realities of the next weigh-in. Basically, each Black Team member has to lose about as much as each Blue Team member, with maybe a pound or so of leeway. Jillian tells us that her team needs to be extremely focused if they want to stand a chance.

Jay, as last week's Biggest Loser of the Week, gets to climb the mountain and claim his prize. The whole Blue Team is hoping that he has a game play option. When he gets to the top of the hill, there are three envelopes with question marks on them. Sucka! Jay chooses one and opens it. It says, "Vegas, baby, Vegas!" He wonders what it is, and says that anytime you see "Vegas," you get excited. I actually get kind of itchy, but that's beside the point. Sami meets Jay and tells him that his reward is a trip to Vegas, for the entire Blue Team! Past reality show recapping experience has taught me that a trip to Vegas equals vomit and whoring. This could be good. You know Dan can work that pole. The rest of the Blue Team is beyond excited to hear about the trip, and there is a lot of hand-slapping and calling each other "bro" and other weird straight-male behavior that makes me edgy. Roger assures us that once he steps foot in Vegas, he's going to have some fun. Can't you totally see him singing "Friends In Low Places" at karaoke?

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