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One Team Surprised With Trip To Vegas

Bob enters and is not so excited to hear about the impending Vegas excursion. Not enough yoga for you in Sin City, Bob? Roger tries to convince him that it's like training camp. I'm sorry, but Roger played football, like, 60 years ago. He needs to move on. If Bob had his druthers, he'd decline the trip altogether. He says that, with four Blue Team and four Black Team members left, this weigh-in is the most crucial. Whoever wins will have an advantage. He lays down the Vegas rules: no buffets, no restaurants, no drinking, and workouts must continue. I guess lap dances are acceptable. Dan interviews that they all went home last week and proved they could handle distractions. He says they'll just have to do it again.

Bob gives his team an extra special pre-Vegas workout. The trip is coming at the worst possible time, he says, so he needs to kick their asses. Jillian works her team out as well, and Bernie tells us it was rough. They need to work hard to stay out of the elimination room. Jillian interviews that they're in a tough situation, because she has to get the same amount of weight loss from her girls as Bob does from his guys. She also tells us that the situation with Brittany is very frustrating right now. She's had two good weigh-ins and six terrible ones since the competition began. Jillian threatens to show Brittany the back of her hand. The only way to defy the laws of nature, she says, is significant beatings. Brittany whines about doing some arm exercises, and Jillian tells her to do four more reps or she'll fucking rip her arm off and beat her over the head with it. I think I just had a flashback to childhood. Now I'm going to have to have a session with Jillian's mom. Great. Brittany is feeling an extreme amount of pressure, and is scared about what's going to happen this week.

The Blue Team decides to pay the Black Team a visit and brag about their trip. Dan thinks they're all going to act like they'd rather stay at the campus and work out, but he knows deep down that they want to go to Vegas. The Black Team is pleasant but ambivalent. Dan interviews that on the one hand the Black Team was excited for them, but on the other hand they were all whiney like, "Why don't we get to go, we don't get to do anything cool!" Dan's response to his own fictional statement? "That's right, you don't get to do anything cool because you guys don't lose any weight." Yeah. Except for those two weigh-ins they won. You're skating on very thin ice with me right now, Mr. Vilanch, and as you still weigh 230 pounds, it's starting to crack. Brittany isn't about to hate on the Blue Team, but she does hope they slip up a little and eat too many calories. Jillian doesn't want her team to think that they have too much of an advantage given the Blue Team's trip -- she points out that we all know they do fine on their own. Thus, the beatings continue.

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