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It is morning on the ranch. Filipe tells us that he and Aubrey were below the yellow line at last night's elimination, and we flash back to Aubrey's elimination. Filipe is grateful that people voted for him to stay, but peeved that Ron and Mike wanted to get rid of him. I mean, ultimately they voted to keep him there, but Ron did his whole, "X has got to go," routine at the beginning of the deliberations. Sione also is not appreciative of Ron and Mike's wishy-washy status in the Blue alliance. The alliance is still there, he says, but it's weakened. Filipe is clearly pissed, and says that Ron and Mike wanted to get rid of him, so there is no alliance. And Jillian didn't pay him any attention and the humidity level on the ranch makes his hair frizzy and boo hoo hoo. Kristin is part of the alliance, too, and seems to have mixed feelings about the whole thing.

The contestants head to the gym and find a big surprise waiting for them -- Season 5 winner Ali Vincent! She's looking fierce and fly, and Helen is totally having strange tingly feelings that she never has experienced before in her 74 years on earth. Ali gives some big news. After the last elimination, Sami had an elimination of her own -- a baby girl named Megan! Aw, congrats Sami! And how impressive that she was narrating pointless challenges until the minute the kid dropped! So Ali is taking over hosting duties for the moment. She has another surprise, and says that what she tells them will change the entire competition. Two seasons ago, as we remember, Ali became the first female Biggest Loser, and did it after she spent five weeks at home on her own and then returned on campus. And today, one of their eliminated competitors will also be coming back to the ranch. Mike is scared witless.

Not everyone who was eliminated gets a chance to come back, though. Rather, it will be one of the three contestants who never got to return to campus because their partners sucked at losing weight. This would be Nicole, Estella, and David. Nicole was engaged, Estella was old, and David loved him some Chinese buffet. All three enter the gym looking substantially skinnier. Well, except for David. Nicole looks freaking amazing. These three contestants will weigh-in, and whoever has the highest percentage of weight loss will get to return to the ranch and also have immunity for the week. This doesn't seem like it will be much of a contest. Estella started at 242 pounds and now weighs 197. She's lost 45 pounds! Oh, good for her. That's 18.6%. David is next, and Sione is all, "Dave is still fat, dude." Dave feels pretty stupid about it too. David started at 393 pounds when he first came on the ranch, and will have to have lost more than 73 pounds to best Estella. He now weighs 347, for a loss of 46 pounds or 11.7%. That's actually better than I thought it would be. Ali gets all motivational speaker on his ass so he doesn't feel too bad. Secretly, David is so relieved that he's not coming back to the ranch. Finally there's Nicole. Everyone thinks she's a ringer. Nicole came to campus weighing 269 pounds. She has to lose more than 50 pounds to get back in the competition. She now weighs 182, for a loss of 87 pounds or 32.34%! Holy crow! Or, as Helen says, "Holy crap." Nicole is back on the show, and the others are quivering with fright. She has the second highest percentage of weight lost of everyone in the competition, with only Tara being higher. For her part, Nicole knows she's the bomb diggity. Kristin tells us that Nicole being back changes everything. Viva la twist!

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