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Back at the house, Nicole catches up with the others and notes how happy they look. Tara thinks it's going to be a weird week, since there's someone new in the house who they never really got to know and who quite possibly is going to beat their asses. Tara seems a bit skeptical, and thinks that how Nicole behaves this week will reveal a lot. Helen takes Nicole on a tour of the house, and when she leaves Laura jokes that Helen's sizing up the competition. The others agree that this is a textbook instance of "funny 'cause it's true." Once upstairs, Helen talks to Nicole about gameplay and focus. Nicole admits that she's scared, because she's not just coming back to the ranch but into the game, and these bitches are all kind of intense.

It is 11:04 p.m. Nicole works out alone in the gym. She says that the day was overwhelming because everyone was talking to her. She has no idea what's going on, but does have a sense that whatever's going on is crazy, and she needs to watch her back.

The next day Nicole is up and jogging at 7:30 a.m. Woman is a machine. And lo, who does she meet? Tara! Nicole wants to enjoy the beautiful scenery on the ranch, but Tara immediately starts talking about the game and percentages and the like. Nicole can't even take it, and is not appreciative of Tara's manic energy. She says that Tara was all over the place, and those are the people you can't trust. Nicole is not into the tweaked-out vibe of all the head cases on campus. She should have stayed home where you can enjoy a nice cup of tea and watch an episode or two of Saved by the Bell after your morning jog.

Filipe deals with his stress by chewing on some Extra Sugar Free gum. Bob greets his team and is happy that Filipe is still there. He then gets a surprise in the form of Nicole, who is on his team as well. Bob is shocked to see how much weight Nicole lost on her own. He is also psyched that he might finally have a winner on his team. Bob says that Tara is probably freaking out right about now. Indeed, Tara is talking to Jillian and losing her shit. Jillian says that poor Nicole has walked into a house full of drama and has no idea of what's going on. Tara says that Nicole has serious drive, just like her, and Jillian tells Tara that she's manic. Jillian interviews that Tara is very fragmented. She gets caught up in all the nervous energy and activities and drama, and never has time to focus on the feelings bubbling up inside of her. Jillian tells her that when you're obsessive-compulsive about working out and about various aspects of the game, there's nothing that's quiet for you. Tara gets a crazy look in her eyes as psycho music plays behind her. She says that she feels like she's been in a corner for 13 weeks, and because she's been defensive the entire time her true self hasn't come out. Tara wants to focus on herself and figure out why she's at a standstill and why she gained over 100 pounds in a year and a half. If she doesn't figure it out, she's afraid that she'll go home and put the weight on again. She's frustrated because she has a problem and doesn't know why. Tara starts crying and says that she truly wants to change and is so scared of going home. Jillian thinks that Tara's awareness of a larger issue at work is pivotal. To be vulnerable and acknowledge these things is a first step. And Dr. Phillian didn't even have to beat it out of her!

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