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Kristin is up next. She goes from 255 to 251 for a loss of 4 or 1.57%. Not bad, not bad. Then there's Laura. Jillian is not feeling optimistic since Laura lost a big number last week. She goes from 213 to 214, gaining a pound. That's a gain of .47%. Laura is pretty upset. Next is Tara, who is one pound away from breaking the 100-pound mark. She goes from 195 to 189 for a loss of 6 pounds, or 3.08%. Hooray for emotional breakthroughs! Helen is next. She goes from 177 to 171 for a loss of 6 pounds or 3.39%. She is quite pleased. Next is Sione, who goes from 266 to 260, also for a loss of 6. Sione of course has the one pound advantage, which makes his total percentage lost 2.63%. Filipe is next, and will be safe from elimination as long as he hasn't gained any weight. He goes from 263 to 259 for a loss of 4. It's a good week to have a bad week, what with other people gaining weight and stuff. Mike is next. He goes from 264 to 253 for a loss of 11 pounds, or 4.17%! Go, kid! Mike says that Nicole being back in the house pushed him to step up his game, and it worked. Sadly, this means that Nicole is below the yellow line. Finally, there's Ron. He goes from 317 to 320, for a gain of 3 pounds. It's not unexpected, but still played for dramatic effect. Ron has gained .95%, which also positions him below the yellow line. Laura is safe, lucky for her.

Back at the house, Ron and Nicole get a chance to address the others and plead their respective cases. Nicole is unsure what to do. She opts for dignity, saying that she wants a chance, and is trying very hard to be strong and not break down. Being strong is what got her the chance to get back to the ranch, she says, and she's not going to get theatrical and break down and cry and beg for the others to keep her there. But she is going to ask them to consider the things that they all said to her individually, about how her presence on campus made them work harder. She tells them that it's about their personal integrity. Well, good luck with that. Ron, with a sob in his voice, simply asks them to save him. He says his fate is in their hands. Mike pleads his dad's case, too, saying that he still needs to be there. He doesn't think it's right to penalize someone because they were in the hospital. Well, that is kind of a good point. But really, Ron should have been sent home weeks ago. I know there's this whole element of "he needs to be here," but since Ron is doing the least in terms of exercise, I'd think that, if he's gained some knowledge and willpower, his would be one of the easier regimens to transfer to a home situation. However, if you're being strategic and really want to get rid of your competition, voting out Nicole is the way to go.

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