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The contestants walk to the elimination room. Ron says that some people want to get rid of him because they think he's controlling everything. He's been below the line five times, but there's a better chance this time more than the others that he'll go home. We get right into the vote. Mike of course votes to send Nicole home. Filipe votes for Ron, and Ron shakes his head. Sami asks what's going on, and Ron says that people are making decisions to help themselves. He adds that people will stare you in the eye and lie to your face. See, that is the sanctimonious bullshit that gives you bleeding ulcers. Filipe says that he told Ron he'd be fine, which doesn't mean the same thing as, "I won't vote to send you home." Anyway, Ron deserved that one. Laura is skeered of Nicole, and so votes to send her home. Sione is tired of people saying that one person is going to go home and kill it, while someone else "needs" to be on the ranch. Everyone has to go home at some point, he says, and so he voted to oust Ron. One thing is clear. If you cross Sione and Filipe, they are instantly done with you.

Tara votes for Nicole, because she really doesn't want any competition. Helen states that she was glad when Nicole came back to the house, and that when you talk about truth and friendship you have to do it from your heart. So she votes to send Ron home. Huh! Personal integrity shows up in the oddest places. Ron and Nicole each have three votes, which means that it's all down to Kristin. Kristin says, "Ummmm....ummmmm," then adds that Nicole wants and deserves to be there, but doesn't necessarily need to be there. Nicole is going home. That sucks, dude. We hardly knew her, and hardly knew her again. She seems like a cool lady, and Ron is for sure on my last nerve.

Nicole exit interviews that when she got to the ranch and passed a mirror she didn't recognize herself. She didn't realize how much weight she lost until she got there, and says that maybe her purpose in going through this whole thing was to discover how well she had really done so she can go home and be proud. It's not about winning the title, or about winning a weigh-in, or who gets eliminated, she says. It's about how she feels about herself, what she knows she's capable of doing, and the woman she's become. And she loves herself. Okay, Nicole is awesome! She gets her own inspirational theme song, which I think is fitting. She goes home and greets her fiancé, Damien, who's surprised to see her again so soon. She now weighs 164 pounds and is revisiting the bridal boutique where she originally bought her size 24 gown. She's now in a size twelve, and looks really gorgeous. She takes two friends to her gym, and we learn that if you mention the Biggest Loser special at 24-Hour Fitness the initiation fee is waived. And you probably get a bonus week's worth of gum in a Zip-Loc bag. Nicole tells us that she's not faking her life now. For the first time in a long time, she's living it. We learn that Nicole has now lost 105 pounds since being on the show, and her goal is to get married in a size 8 wedding gown. She's going to do it, too.

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