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Mike is up next. He has lost 164 pounds since beginning the competition. Mike tells us that his 30 days at home have been rough as hell, and he's just hoping that he lost enough weight to stay above the yellow line. He needs to have lost more than 7 pounds to best Ron. Mike goes from 224 to 214, also for a loss of 10, or 4.46%. He was hoping for more, and is disappointed in himself. Helen is next. She has lost 103 pounds total since starting the show. To guarantee a spot in the final three, Helen needs to have lost more than 6 pounds. She goes from 154 to 147 for a loss of 7, or 4.55%. She did it! Tara and Jillian are both enormously happy. Helen gives a message of hope to all the other 48-year-old women out there. I guess Helen made the right decision in advocating for her daughter to get the boot.

Ron is definitely below the yellow line, and Tara's performance will determine if she or Mike lands in the final three. Tara, who has never been below the yellow line, needs to have lost seven pounds. She goes from 169 to 159 for a loss of 10, or 5.92%. She is thrilled, and Helen is thrilled for her. Mike and Ron, however, don't look like they're doing so hot. Tara starts crying and says that she's so much happier now. She's very proud of herself, as she should be. Tara has the highest percentage of weight loss in the competition, so is the one to beat.

This, of course, leaves Mike and Ron below the yellow line. Each of them is instructed to head to the confessional and plead their cases to America. Mike is characteristically sweet as he says that it would be great for either him or his dad to be in the finale. Ron, of course, advocates for Mike to be in the finale. It would have been awesome if he had closed the confessional door, looked at the camera, and said, "The kid's had his time. Vote Ron." If you want to vote for Mike, call 1-866-613-0002. The number to vote for Ron is 1-866-613-0001. You can also vote on And seriously, vote for Mike.

Next week: Live finale! Yippee!

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