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Mike and Ron hear a ring at their doorbell and open the door to find a box labeled The Biggest Loser. Everyone else gets a similar delivery. Inside is a DVD from Sami labeled, "Play me." On DVD, Sami reminds everyone that they were once very fat and that they endured the longest season ever. We know, Sami, for we all endured it, too. Now, it's time for one more major accomplishment. Sami says that what the contestants do next is unprecedented, and is beyond what they or the rest of America thought possible. That's because 26 days from now each of the contestants will run a marathon. Don't you need, like, months and months of training for that? Helen tells us that, as the show's resident 48-year old, she's freaking out. Tara is ready to put together a training plan. Mike tells us that the half-marathon was the most difficult challenge ever and, in case your deductive skills need some sharpening up, that was only half of what they're currently being asked to do.

And hey! Jillian is driving across the country to visit her contestants. She says that she doesn't have a very good feeling. Being at home is very difficult, she reminds us. Jillian enters South Lyon, Michigan to visit Mike, and says that he'd better be at the gym now or there will be hell to pay. In fact, Mike is at the gym! And so is Max! They're walking on side-by-side treadmills. Jillian makes a jumping entrance and, upon seeing her, Mike says, "Oh shit." Isn't that how you'd like to be greeted when entering a room? Jillian says that seeing Max and Mike side by side was like seeing a before and after picture. She asks Mike how things are going, and he first says that he's doing okay, before saying that he's not amazing, and finally admitting that actually he's not even okay. He tells her about the marathon challenge, and Jillian can't believe it. She says that she's never even done a marathon, and basically wants to kill the producers. [This seems like a big disconnect. Are the trainers not consulted on these things? - Z] Mike is also torn between wanting to help Max but not fully knowing how, and also needing to focus on himself. Jillian is ready to help Mike get back in the groove. She tells us that she was ready to refocus his mind and help him tap back into his power. She gives him the great advice that to train for a marathon, you need to run.

Back at Mike's house, Jillian asks him how things are going with the family dynamic. Mike tells her that Max is seemingly apathetic, and it disgusts him. Jillian tells Mike that he's identifying with Max because of the things that he went through and the pain that he's felt. Looking at Max brings up all that pain and suffering. Mike tears up and nods. Jillian tells him that the only way to make this go away is for him to acknowledge these feelings within himself and allow himself to feel the depth of his own pain. Then he'll come through the other side. Mike cries, and it is sad. Jillian tells him not to worry about Max right now. She says that if Max is really ready and wants help, she will help him. Mike gives her a big hug. Jillian fixes everything!

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