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26.2 Miles to Go Before I Sleep

Back at the house, Bob asks Max to go out and get whatever he'd normally eat on the weekend. Max goes for a burger, fries and a milkshake. Buzzkill Bob says that there is little to no nutritional value in any of that food. He cuts the burger in half, portions out the fries and puts the milkshake into two little shot glasses, saying that that's representative of the 600 calories that ideally makes up lunch. Max is not impressed. Oh, but you know where you can get a whole lot of food for your 600 calories? That's right: Subway! Max is the new Jared. Bob sees a lot of potential in Max, and Max is in love with Bob. As you do.

It's then time for Jillian to visit Helen in Detroit. On this very morning, Helen and her husband have gone out to breakfast at the very restaurant where she got fat. It is a diner of some sort, which is in fact the best place to get fat if you want to go that route. And then Jillian comes in! Helen is thrilled to see her and starts crying. She talks about the difficulty of being back at home, and Jillian interviews that Helen is trying to be a superwoman when the goal is to be happy. Jillian is ready to go on a day-long tour of Helen's life. Back at the house, Helen is crazily chopping fruit and cleaning her house. Jillian thinks she's nuts, and would like Helen to sit down and have a glass of wine with her. [Always with the drinking, this lady! - Z] Jillian is all about getting her people blitzed. Frankly, I'm feeling a bit better about my own lifestyle now that I know it's okay to lush it up. When Jillian explains that she wants Helen to take a break and a breath, Helen breaks down a little and says that she's so tired. But she feels like she has to keep going. She's made it so far, and can't let herself or anyone else down now. Jillian tells Helen that it's never good to come from a place of fear. Helen explains that she wants to get through it, be the best that she can be, and not fail at home. Jillian tells her that she's amazing and isn't failing at home -- however, she's failing herself. She's exhausted, unhappy and on the verge of tears. I call that Wednesday. Jillian tells her to ease off a bit and get into a balanced space. Helen interviews that at home she has to carve her own path and figure everything out all over again. She is determined to stay strong and do it.

We jump to day 16 at home, where the contestants are training for their marathons. Mike's training plan is to run. Original! Tara says that she's not in marathon-running shape, and has doubts about whether she can accomplish it. But she's ready to give it her all. Ron is going to go as far as his knees will let him go. Helen wonders if she was training for a marathon all along but didn't even know it. Mike thinks that it might kill him, but he's going to do it. Ah, inspirational portraits! Suddenly, it's four days before the marathon. Mike is running, and has to stop because of an excruciating pain in his hip. He goes to the hospital and hopes that he can still run. Meanwhile, Tara is having anxiety dreams. Mike is feeling unsure. But then the four contestants meet Sami in Malibu, and she tells them that they'll be running through farmland, over mountains, on hiking trails, and ending along the Pacific ocean coastline -- 26.2 miles in all. If the contestants finish the marathon, they'll each get $10,000 to donate to the charity of their choice, courtesy of Biggest Loser Protein Designer Whey. Though they've mentioned this before, I don't entirely know what that is and why it's designer. Ron is ready to prove that he can actually do this. I am suspicious, but it's good to have hope.

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