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Previously: The Biggest Loser insisted on challenging America, even though I think the fact that we spend two hours per week watching this show is evidence enough that we do not really care to be challenged. Kids were involved! We were introduced to Dr. Joanna, annoying food-waster. And the Blue Team lost a challenge and had to spend a sedentary 4.5 hours a day in a room filled with high-calorie treats. In other words, they were like me in my apartment at this very moment. The only reason I'm NOT currently 450 pounds is that my Girl Scout cookie order hasn't come in yet. Pam and Jillian screamed at each other a lot, which was apparently a high burn since Pam killed it on the scale and proceeded to get jiggly with it. The Red Team had the lowest percentage of weight lost and voted to send Cate home, just when she was getting all inspired and stuff.

We enter with the Red Team returning home, minus Cate, after the elimination. Gina is very sad, and tells us that everyone thought Jackson would get the boot since all he does is puke. The other contestants are a bit taken aback at the news that voting happened without any deliberation, and with the aid of touch-screen technology no less. To add to the burgeoning freakout, Sami and the trainers burst in with some news: three other people will be leaving the ranch tonight. But surprise! It's the trainers who will be taking off, to visit Biingo, Lindsay and Sunny at home. That's good news for the kids, but means that the adult contestants will be left to their own devices until the last chance workout. And you know how quickly they all get codependent.

The trainers each get a word with their team, to give instructions and advice. The Blue Team is full of alpha personalities, and so Bob suggests that each person be the leader for one day. Hopefully they won't and we'll be treated to a lot of drama. Dolvett tells his folks that they'd better step it up if they don't want to lose yet another person. He wants them to forget the fun and invoke their anger, like warriors. It's time to get pissed off, in an aerobic way. Jackson tells us that he needs to, like, not pass out for once. He really is a bit of a delicate flower. Jillian gives Pam and Danni specific routines, but is worried that they'll slack with no one to crack the whip. However, she thinks that this will be a good test to see how they'll do on their own when they're finally released from the ranch for real.

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