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And then it's time for the trainers to hit the road! Bob is visiting Biingo, Dolvett is going to stir up the hormones of the very lucky Lindsay, and Sunny will be emphatically NOT screaming at Sunny. The visits are surprises, and Dolvett announces his presence over Lindsay's school speaker system and then walks into her class. Bob walks in on Biingo while he's having dinner out with his family, and Jillian crashes Sunny's study session. As he tells Biingo that he's there to see what his typical week is like, Bob notices that Biingo's mom looks slimmer. It turns out that she's on the same nutrition program as Biingo, has been working out, and has lost 27 pounds! That's awesome, and Bob notes that whatever parents do, kids will follow suit. Get moving America, says Bob! But how can we when we're glued to the couch wondering if Bob will finally solve the mystery of the two I's in Biingo's name-o?

Bob heads to the Biingo homestead, and we learn that the family is actually living in the basement of Biingo's uncle's home, after facing tough financial times and having to sell their house. I have to say that it's a pretty nice basement. What's more, their fridge and pantry pass Bob's test of health and nutrition! We learn that Biingo's dad was in the construction business, and got hit hard with the economic downturn. They've sold almost everything they owned to make ends meet, and have been living in the basement apartment for about a year and a half. Biingo had to change school districts and move away from all of his friends, which he tells us was very hard and probably contributed to his stress-eating. Bob admires all the crap that Biingo's parents went through to still be able to provide for the family, and how they've persevered through hard times. He asks how they've managed to eat healthy on their current budget, and Biingo's mom tells him that they don't eat out nearly as much. She feels guilty for Biingo's weight and unhealthy habits, but seems to be embracing the opportunity to turn things around for all of them. Bob announces that there's a surprise in store tomorrow, and Biingo says he hates surprises. But Bob assures us that this isn't going to be a surprise like being locked in a donut factory for three days.

Back at the ranch, the Red Team is freaking out about their low numbers over the past two weeks, and the absence of Dolvett. The two-person White Team notes that they have heavy competition, and seem particularly focused. Michael is today's leader for the Blue Team and...yikes. They are doing stuff, but awfully slowly and with what seems like a lot of breaks. Gina has started to be plagued by homesickness, and knows she could use Bob there to push her. David, who still has his knee injury to contend with, works as hard as he can so his team won't automatically dump him if they have to head to elimination. Jackson is on a mission to show the Red Team that he can do more than continuously vomit, and so keeps time with a vengeance. It turns out that screaming settles the stomach, and his teammates note that he's kind of kicking butt for once.

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