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Sugar Ray boxes with the Blue Team, and Cathy notes that it's a whole heck of a lot more fun than running on the treadmill. It's also challenging, and we get to watch Sugar Ray in action, which is good times. He's still looking fly. Sugar Ray says he's now part of their team, which means that they have bonus tunnel vision powers. Sugar Ray is magic! Or maybe he got one too many punches to the head after all.

The contestants then get a visit from the Sometimes-Grim Reaper himself, Dr. Huizenga. Except this time he has good news! Mike and Tara are record breakers. Mike lost 134 pounds of hydrated fat, but gained about 20 pounds of muscle. This fat loss has never been done in three months. Aw, go Mikey! Tara has had a 29% weight loss in three months, which also has never been done! Her reaction? "Holy shit." Dr. H. sits down with Mandi, who has gone from horrible condition on a treadmill test to superb! Ron, who had gastric bypass, has a different sort of fat distribution on his body. You've seen the moobs. Dr. H. says that he was one of the few contestants who was losing muscle while losing weight. This has something to do with his diabetes. However, he's now starting to get back some of his muscle and his blood sugar is coming down. He's happy to hear that he's going in the right direction. It's always nice when Dr. H. doesn't have to tell people that they're two seconds away from kicking the bucket.

Jillian meets with her team and asks them to head to the gym, minus Sione. She wants to reach out to him since he's all torn up about leaving Bob. She tells him that she hopes they can make the best of a bad situation. Sione tells her that he's adapting to change and has made up his mind to stay open and let Jillian kick his butt. Jillian assures him that he has all of her attention right now, that he's an amazing athlete, and that she thinks it's going to be fun to work him out. He's also well on his way to being particularly smoking hot. Jillian has him do some metabolic training in the gym, and he appears to be sweating his face off. And then, disaster! Sione twists his ankle while doing something involving ropes and step-ups on a weight bench. He looks like he's in some serious pain. The Black Team looks awfully nervous and Jillian calls for an MRI on Sione's leg as she ices him down.

We quite dramatically shift to a parking lot filled with trucks from the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. Sione tells us that he has a level one sprain, which is the best kind of sprain to have. [I asked for one for my birthday! - Z] During the upcoming challenge, he's ready to suck it up and push it. Sami tells everyone that last year one in eight Americans -- though obviously none of the Americans standing before her now -- struggled with hunger. That's over 35 million people. Today, they're going to get to do something about it. Mike sees this as an opportunity to give back for all the extra food they've eaten over the years. The contestants will have to take the donated food at the food bank, assemble it into a kit, and then take those kits across the warehouse and load them onto trucks. There are 100 kits to be made by each team, and an additional 50 kits to be loaded on the truck. The first team to load all of the kits wins. When all is said and done, the contestants will have loaded enough food to feed 1,200 people for a day. Aubrey tells us that she once had to go to food banks to help feed her family, so this challenge is close to her heart. Each member of the winning team will receive free groceries for a year from General Mills. That's all the Hamburger Helper and Totino's Pizza Rolls you can eat! The winning team will also be featured in a national campaign advertising Cheerios, AND they'll get letters from home. The Black Team has to choose one member to sit out, and eventually settle on dead weight Laura.

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