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Jillian tells us that she's not going to chase Laura. Tara feels bad, and says that this was the meanest thing that Jillian's ever done. Jillian agrees, but feels driven to it because nothing is getting through to Laura. She instructs Tara not to go after her. Tara interviews that Jillian went way too far, but is also right that Laura needs to learn how to motivate herself to do more. Laura tearfully interviews that what Jillian did to her was worse than someone calling her fat to her face and making fun of her. Back at the house, Jillian and Laura sit down to talk. Laura blubbers that Jillian hasn't given her a chance to talk to her, and that Jillian threw her under the bus. Jillian tells Laura that she's phoning it in. Laura says that Jillian believes she's weak. Jillian thinks that people are picking up that Laura is not fully committed and present. She's very much in a victim space. Laura says that she IS giving 100%. Jillian doesn't buy it. Finally her Dr. Phillian mechanisms get Laura to admit that she wants to lose weight because she wants love. From everybody. And that, says Dr. Phillian, is because she has no love for herself. Ta dah! Jillian, who might also be hitting the roids this season, tells Laura in quite an intense manner that she's capable, strong, and a really good person, and this is why it's so infuriating when she gives up. It's not the breakthrough that Jillian was hoping for, but for the time being she'll have to be happy with baby steps.

Weigh-in! Sami says that this is going to be something unlike ever before. The teams won't be weighing in against each other. Instead, they'll be weighing in against Sami's pea green keyhole turtleneck. Seriously, WTF, wardrobe? Actually, instead, the contestants will be weighing in WITH each other. The contestants will have the chance to win immunity... for everyone. Quelle twist. If they've lost a pound a day for the last week, everyone is guaranteed another week on campus. With eleven people playing, everyone has to have lost a combined total of more than 77 pounds. Everyone is relieved to have a potential break from all the gamesmanship. If they are collectively below 77 pounds, though, one person from each team will be going home. At an hour and thirty-five minutes into the show, I'm guessing that everyone's safe. Additionally, for every pound the teams have lost, The Biggest Loser will donate 100 pounds of food to feed America. Toss a 100 Calorie Snack Pack this way, Sami!

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