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I thought maybe they'd just put everyone on a giant scale and get it over with, but no. The show continues to torture me like Laura tortures Jillian. It is entirely capable of being awesome, but instead insists on being bloated and dull. I don't even have the will to yell at it, either. Helen is first on the scale and goes from 198 to 193, for a loss of 5. Mandi is next. She goes from 203 to 195 for a loss of 8. Crazy opera music plays in the background, because that's how The Biggest Loser rolls. [Was that a fat joke? - Z] Sione goes from 286 to 283 for a loss of crap. Ooh, that's bad. Some of this might be due to his ankle. Aubrey weighs in next, and goes from 211 to 203 for a loss of 8. Good times! Laura is next, and boy does she have something to prove. She goes from 233 to 226 for a loss of 7. Jillian says it's rewarding to see Laura lose that weight. I mean, she's actually been pretty consistent with weight loss each week, so maybe Jillian's just enjoying having the opportunity to beat on someone week after week.

Ron is next. He goes from 349 to 343 for a loss of 6. Then there's Tara, who goes from 211 to 200 for a loss of 11. She's out of control! Sami tells Tara that she's lost 94 pounds total, which is pretty extraordinary. Kristin is next. She goes from 279 to 270 for a loss of 9. Also great! Kristin has lost 90 pounds total. Filipe steps on the scale and goes from 283 to 275 for a loss of 8. He whoops like a crazy person. The collective has lost 65 pounds total with two people to weigh in. Cathy is next. She goes from 249 to 246 for a loss of 3. This means that Mike is the one who has to save everybody by losing more than 9 pounds. It's a lot of pressure, and he's going to have to wait a whole week to find out if he's done it! Or, rather, WE'RE going to have to wait a whole week to find out if he's done it!

Next week: It's the moment of truth for Mikey. And Filipe flips out on Jillian!

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