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Season 12, Episode 1

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A Battle for the Ages

And then there's Anna. You know, I'm going to start off giving Anna the benefit of the doubt, just because I'd like to believe that there's a pretty yet quality lady trainer in the world besides Jillian Michaels who can make it work on this show. She tells her team that, because they're the oldest, no one expects them to do well. But they're going to use the team's wisdom to their advantage, and surprise everyone. She tells us that she understands that her team can't work at the intensity level of the other teams. What's most important is that her team keeps going and going. Debbie tells Anna that she needs a break, and Anna politely says no way.

Elsewhere in the gym, Bob works the life out of Antone. Dolvett scares Vinny into getting up after he's collapsed on his belly. Even Anna gets into the yelling routine a little, as she snaps at Becky to stop saying sorry. Dolvett tells us that he's got his eye on young contestant Patrick, who wears his doubts like a blanket. A sweat-covered blanket. Dolvett wants to reintroduce his confidence and give him a reason to fight. Anna has her eye on Debbie, who has all the tools to succeed but is constantly trying to get out of exercising. This lady just wants herself some damn breaks! We get a feature on Debbie, who is 60 and from Ann Arbor. She has three grown children and six grandchildren, and is now realizing her mortality. We cut back to Debbie asking for another break, which Anna denies, and then yelling that she thinks their time is up. Anna tells her that if she can talk, she can keep going. Well played, Kournikova. Debbie is amazed that someone can look so pretty and sweet, and also torture you. She still wants a break, FYI.

We cut from contestant to contestant to contestant as they cry and complain and want to quit. Old team member Johnny takes it a step further as he actually says that he IS going to quit. Anna, who is not yet well-versed in the ways of Dr. Phillian, is like, "Uh, okay then." Johnny starts to walk out. We get a feature on him, in which we learn that he is 65, from Boston, and has three kids and nine grandchildren who like to climb on his fat tummy. He is reminded of his sons saying that when he thinks he has nothing left, he's got to pull it out of somewhere and keep going. So Johnny digs a little deeper. He could be a problem, though, and Anna knows it. I'd recommend that he take off his insane toupee for ventilation. He's probably getting overheated under there. Meanwhile, Antone is collapsed and crying and Bob is like, "Do you want to die like all of your friends?" Antone does not, and manages to pick himself up. He's still crying, though. Bob tells us that his goal is to make it so that the contestants can't even walk back to the house when they're through with this workout. This is one of those points when I feel confident that somebody is going to actually die on this show one day.

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