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Season 12, Episode 1

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A Battle for the Ages

With that, it's time for the first weigh-in. Sami tells everyone that this season is a battle of the ages, and today we'll see if age matters on the scale. She reminds everyone that this is also the first weigh-in for two trainers. She asks Anna how this compares to her career as a tennis pro, and Anna says it's just as stressful as playing in Arthur Ashe stadium in front of 20,000 people. Dolvett says that the stakes here are high, and he's nervous. He wants his team to do well, and is anxious to see the numbers on the scale. Bob reminds us that he's seen senior citizens come into the house and burn it down, because age is nothing but a number. A number that usually comes with bad knees, but still.

Things are as usual for this weigh-in. The team with the lowest percentage of weight lost will be forced to eliminate one of their own. The person on the losing team with the highest percentage of weight lost has immunity and can't be voted off. The weigh-in will go from oldest to youngest, which means that 65-year-old Johnny is up first. That toupee has to weigh at least three pounds. Johnny goes from 328 to 311, for a loss of 17 pounds. Even Anna seems to be amazed. Johnny tells everyone that, although he didn't think he could handle it at first, he's glad he stayed and stuck it through. He's here for good now. Bonnie, who is 63, is next on the scale. Boy, do I love her Cajun accent. Bonnie goes from 254 to 250, for a loss of 4 pounds. She looks mightily disappointed, but says that she'll take it. Anna tells Bonnie that she doesn't stop, and doesn't quit, and they're going to find a more effective way to burn calories and get better numbers. Bonnie is crying, and it's the saddest thing. I really hope she doesn't get eliminated.

Mike, who is 61, is next. He goes from 309 to 297, for a loss of 12 pounds. He seems quite happy with this. Debbie takes the scale, and goes from 239 to 233, for a loss of 6 pounds. She thinks it's a good number, though she was gunning for 9. Anna tells Debbie that they can do better than 6, which requires Debbie to be more focused and to stop asking so many damn questions. Finally, 50-year-old Becky weighs in. She's had a tough week, and worries about what the scale will say. She goes from 238 to 228, for a loss of 10 pounds! Go, Becky! She talks about her dad passing away, and makes Anna cry again. Anna is amazed at how she's handled things with grace and dignity, and has proven that if you stay focused you can achieve things. She predicts that Becky will go far. Becky is proud, and tells us that she earned those ten pounds. The Blue Team has lost a total of 49 pounds, or 3.58%.

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