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Season 12, Episode 1

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A Battle for the Ages

The Black Team is up next, and has to lose more than 66 pounds to best the oldsters. Joe, who is 46, steps on the scale. He goes from 348 pounds to 326, for a loss of 22 pounds. Methinks that the oldsters maybe just didn't do a great job of water loading before their initial weigh-in. Antone is up next, and wants to make Bob proud. He goes from 447 to 415, for a loss of 32 pounds. Aw, the poor seniors don't stand a chance. Bob tells everyone the tale of how Antone was crying on the floor ten minutes into their first workout. Antone looks like, "Ha, hilarious. Thanks." Sunny, who is 41, is next on the scale. She goes from 277 to 261, for a loss of 16 pounds. The Black Team has already beat the Blue Team, with only three people weighing in so far. Because they like to rub it in, John goes from 445 to 408, losing 37 pounds, and Jennifer goes from 330 to 311, for a loss of 19 pounds. The middles have lost a collective 126 pounds, or 6.82%. Bob is proud, but also worried about next week.

With that, only the Red Team is left to weigh in. To best the seniors, they must lose more than 60 pounds. Well that doesn't even sound so hard now. Vinny is up first. He goes from 426 to 405, for a loss of 21 pounds. He's not even that happy with this number, and Dolvett is like, "Seriously, fool. You're 21 pounds lighter. Enjoy it." Ramon goes from 355 to 338, for a loss of 17 pounds. Not too bad! I think Ramon has a mancrush on Dolvett. And really, even the cacti in Death Valley have a crush on Dolvett. Meanwhile, things aren't looking so good for the Blue Team. Jessica steps on the scale and goes from 254 to 239, for a loss of 15 pounds. Holy crow! Dolvett is super pleased about this situation, obviously.

Patrick weighs in next, and reminds us that he was kind of an emotional nutbag this week. He talks about how embarrassed and frustrated he was when he got kicked out of the gym during the week, and also says that he doesn't expect a large number. He talks about how hard Bonnie pushed this week, and only lost four pounds. Everyone is crying at Patrick's crippling lack of self-confidence. He needn't worry, though, since he goes from 387 to 367, for a loss of 20 pounds. Dolvett says that Patrick wears doubt like a coat. I thought it was a blanket? Maybe eventually Patrick will only wear doubt like a Speedo. Midway through he'll wear doubt like a t-shirt, or capri pants. Patrick is proud of himself, and is beginning to trust Dolvett. The Red Team is safe. We see in flashback that Courtney went from 270 to 254, for a loss of 16 pounds. They lost 89 pounds total, or 5.26%. Dolvett is feeling pretty pleased, even though this means that someone's grandma is being kicked off the show.

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