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Season 12, Episode 10

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The challenge begins, and Antone assures us that they are on the ladder to hell. I believe it, since people are sweating like you don't even know. John takes an early lead, with Ramon following. By the end, though, Sunny is catching up to John. It's during this challenge that John really starts to get scary, and sounds not unlike Jame Gumb. The minute he tells Sunny to put the lotion in the basket, I am calling the authorities. He probably has a cape made of the excess flesh of all the contestants who have been eliminated. That might save them some surgery costs, actually. John can dance in his flabby cape guilt-free! He gets reason to do so as he finishes the challenge first, with a time of 1 hour 29 minutes and 44 seconds. That is a long time to do that tortuous exercise. Sunny finishes second in 1 hour 38 minutes, and Ramon is third at 1 hour 51 minutes. John gets to choose his prize first, and so takes the one pound advantage. He gets to wait for the weigh-in to announce who will get the one pound disadvantage. Vinny tells us that John loves control, and plays the game better than anyone. Thus the others have reason to be scared. Sunny takes the meal plan, and gives the bonus one to Bonnie. This leaves Ramon with the cash, which is good with him. He gives the bonus $2,500 to Vinny. I wonder how the love of his life feels about that!

After the challenge, we see John working out in his room and wondering who to give the one pound disadvantage to. Everyone else talks about it without him. Apparently, Vinny asked John to do no harm and give him the disadvantage, since he's rocking the three pound advantage and won't really be adversely affected. However, Sunny wonders if John will give her the disadvantage since she's in a relatively weak position. She had a big loss last week, so her numbers will probably be smaller this week. Antone thinks that he or Ramon might get it. Basically, everyone is nervous. The one thing they can agree on is that John is kind of shady. And they haven't even seen how he twirls around in his flabby cape! I am sorry for giving you this mental image before the best meal of the year, by the way.

Last chance workout! Vinny gets agitated about how Bob is always in his face, and John continues to be a giant weirdo. As he trips himself up on his jump rope and starts to have a mental crack, Dolvett asks what's up and why John doesn't have as much energy as usual. John says he's tired and feels like he have nothing to give, and so Dolvett yells at him when he tries to grab the top of the treadmill. He tells John to fight, and makes it clear that he's not about to let John take secret rest breaks. Instead, he tells him that they are there to win, and bumps up the treadmill speed. Unlike Anna, I get the feeling that this is a man who would like to keep this gig.

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