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Season 12, Episode 11

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And then the contestants learn the real prize -- they've entered makeover week! Progresso Soup has sponsored these makeovers, which I guess means everyone will have hair weaves made of noodles, and get clam chowder facials. Progresso is giving everyone a year's worth of soup and $5,000. You know, I have to say that I used to eat Progresso soup all the time, but I feel like it has gotten notably less delicious. And I will eat most anything in soup form! In other bad news, there is no Tim Gunn this year. Instead we get former Jessica Simpson BFF Ken Paves, and stylist to the stars Jeannie Mai.

After a commercial break, we catch up with the contestants at a lovely spa. Vinny has a mud mask on his skin and cucumbers on his eyes, and says it's like he's growing a garden on his face. Antone and Becky get some sort of body scrub, while Sunny has a gold mask. She looks like she should be the 2007 house tenant on American Horror Story. Everyone is feeling relaxed and pampered and great. Jeannie Mai appears, and makes everyone miss Tim Gunn a whole lot. She's just so...perky. Jeannie is going to take the contestants on a budget-free shopping spree in Beverly Hills. I actually just said a silent prayer that they would run into Camille Grammer.

Jeannie asks Antone if he used to dress up more when he was an NFL player. In fact, he did! He and his teammates always wore suits when they traveled to games. But now, Antone hasn't worn a suit in 15 years! Jeannie puts a suit together for him, and it is a sure thing that he's going to look excessively dapper. Jeannie pegs Vinny as the guy who can be cray-cray. However, she's over his overalls. She thinks he can have western flair, but with a polished look. Vinny tells us that he's always been a character, but has kind of coveted the look of a well-manicured gay man. I am really excited to see him in his new duds! Jeannie guesses that John's closet is full of black and blue, and maybe one pair of brown pants. This is, of course, a snore. But he has a lot to celebrate, says Jeannie, and he needs to branch out a bit. He wears a tan jacket, which frankly doesn't seem all that exciting either. Jeannie tells him that he is "the," which further confirms her as the worst. They couldn't even try to get Clinton and Stacy?

Jeannie next spends time with the ladies. She asks Becky who she'd like to impress with her style, now that she can wear anything she wants. Becky wants to show off for her husband, and Jeannie is going to show her how to wear something that's sexy, soft, sophisticated, and age-appropriate. Jeannie asks Sunny to talk about her personal style, and it turns out that Sunny was a big schlub. She even hated shopping! But Jeannie is going to change that by showing her how to dress her body. She has Sunny put on a maxi skirt that looks absolutely hideous. Also, horrible bondage shoes! The dress that Jeannie chooses for Becky is also suspect. However, Becky is so happy to be a size 10 that she doesn't even notice how weird it looks.

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