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Season 12, Episode 11

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We catch up with Sunny today. She weighed 277 pounds when she came to the ranch, and today she weighs 181. That's a loss of 96 pounds. Oh, good for her. Sunny was successful in many areas of her life before, but was lost behind her weight. Today she feels strong mentally, physically, and emotionally. We see her teaching, and she explains that she's back at work full-time. This means that she has to arrange her workout schedule around her teaching schedule, which is no small feat. She does boot camp on Monday before school, when it is still very dark out. Tuesday after work she meets with her trainer at the gym. Wednesday morning is boot camp again, plus an evening session with the tennis trainer. Thursday after work is the trainer at the gym, and Friday is another boot camp day. It's a hectic schedule, but Sunny says that it's worth it and she feels great. And she gets to play tennis with her husband! She has her life back, and it feels great. Sunny plans to lose 100 pounds by the finale and fit into her old high school prom dress.

Next week: the show moves to 9:00. Dare we dream that it is only one hour long?

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