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Season 12, Episode 12

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With seven days left until the marathon, it's time for the trainers to make some house calls. Bob first heads to Nashville to meet up with Vinny, where he tells him that he looks fantastic. Bob had been worried about Vinny, given that he's a guy-about-town, but now sees that he's on track. Vinny's older brother Shane is also heavy, and Bob notes that he seems to be struggling. He asks Shane what he'd like for his life, and Shane says that he'd like to get healthy. He has five kids, and doesn't want them to go through what he's gone through. Bob takes Shane's vulnerability and openness as a sign that he's ready to make a change, and says that it's Vinny's job to help him. Vinny is up for the task!

Meanwhile, Dolvett visits John in Arizona. He wonders if he's as focused as he was on the ranch. John admits that he's struggled, and did indeed lose his focus for a bit. But his wife whipped him back into shape, while doing all of his laundry and cooking all of his meals. John then says that he hasn't gone back to work yet -- the gym is his office, again thanks to his wife. Hmmmm. Dolvett is concerned about this, and fears that John isn't preparing himself for life getting in the way. He worries about John's ability to find balance. John's wife joins them, and Dolvett asks if her cooking all the time is enabling him. She says that it gives him time to do other things, like make his pretty patchwork flesh-robe. She also puts the lotion in the basket for him. John is unapologetic about the whole thing, and says that he has a finale to win. Dolvett is still not having it, and fears that John will gain all of his weight back after the finale. That's just what Bob said!

We then switch to Becky, who is the only one of the final four who has gone back to work. Dancing backwards and in heels, people. It's a woman's plight. Bob pays her a visit at the middle school where she teaches math, surprising her in her classroom. Becky fears that she's now going to have to workout. Bob then surprises Antone as he's working out in that football stadium, by bellowing over the loudspeaker. Antone compares him to the Great and Terrible Oz, and also expects that he's going to catch hell in a workout today. His prediction comes to pass, and he says that he also bets the other finalists are working hard. Dolvett tortures John some, and John characterizes the finals as John v. Black Team. We then see Bob work out with Vinny, who seems super focused. Becky also has laser beam scary face as she runs on the treadmill, and tells us that she likes being the dark horse. She plans on surprising everybody. Bob says that it will be extremely hard for her to win it, but you should never underestimate a Biggest Loser lady. [Note: Isn't that what he told us about old people, too? Lies! -- RS.] Dolvett tells us that John's intensity is light years ahead of everyone else. Well, yeah, but he's a total freak. It's not a good thing! Antone and Vinny get props from Bob as well. It's anyone's game! Or so they'd have us believe.

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