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Season 12, Episode 12

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With that, it's weigh-in time for our final four. Ramon gets to hang out too, though of course he's got a guaranteed spot in the finals. This is a simple red line affair. The two players who land below the red line will be eliminated. No voting, no pleading your case to America. Becky is first on the scale. She weighed 172 pounds when she left the ranch, and now weighs 162. That's a loss of 10 pounds or 5.81%. Bob seems a little disappointed, and Becky says she made it work the best she could while living her real life. Vinny is up next, and is eager to show everyone that he didn't slack. He left campus at 314 pounds and now weighs 286. That's a loss of 28 pounds or 8.92%, which makes him quite happy. John is up next. He weighed 296 pounds when he left campus, and now weighs 267. That's a loss of 29 pounds or 9.8%. This means that John is a finalist. He gets all testosterone-y about it, and it makes me uncomfortable. Poor Becky has been eliminated, which is not unexpected. I do wish there were some ladies represented in the finals. Alas. Finally, there's Antone. To take a spot as a finalist, he needs to have lost more than 28 pounds. He goes from 323 pounds to 293, for a loss of 30 pounds! That's 9.29%. Antone has done it. He says it's game on now, and that he's slayed bigger dragons than John. He's not going to scream about what he's going to do, he's just going to do it. Antone tells us that he's frankly kind of sick of John, and will relish kicking his ass. This is all great, except for the sadness that is Vinny's elimination. Sami bids everyone adieu, and we're out!

Next week: Finale!

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