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Season 12, Episode 13

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So, only one of our current group of four is going to be in the at-home final three. Sami asks Johnny if he has any advice for the older folks out there. Johnny says to go for it, and there's no such thing as old age. In fact, there is such a thing as old age. I'm all for hope, but let's also be realistic, people. Johnny now weighs 231 pounds, which is a 97 pound loss. That's not good enough, unfortunately. Becky is next, and Sami is totally sexually attracted to her. She asks Becky what she learned about herself on campus. Becky learned that she needs to take time for herself. Well, Oprah could have told her that there years ago! If she had only set the DVR! Becky looks so much like Mo Gaffney. Does anyone out there remember Women Aloud? That was, like, my favorite show for the minute that it was on. Anyway, Becky now weighs 150 pounds, which is an 88 pound loss. This also does not put her in the final three.

So, it comes down to Jessica and Vinny. We see a Jessica montage, in which she goes from sad lady to kicking-butt lady to in-love-lady. Sami asks her how things are going with Ramon, and she says that they're great though there won't be any sort of proposal tonight. Oh, thank God. Jessica tells a story about how people always told her she had such a pretty face when she was heavy, and she hated it. Recently, someone asked her what sport she played, because she looked like an athlete. Triumph of the spirit, etc. Then it's time to talk to Vinny. Sami flashes an old photo of Vinny in his horrid overalls, and then Dolvett sneaks up behind him and is wearing them. Miraculously, Dolvett still looks hot. There's a Vinny montage, in which he realizes that he can't always be the funny jokey guy, and also loves on his lady a whole bunch. We then learn that the person weighing in for the at-home prize will be...Vinny! Oh, good for him. Jessica looks truly lovely, and also has won at the game of love, so you can't feel too bad for her. Her current weight is 174 pounds, which is 80 pounds lost. Vinny scurries off to put on his weigh-in clothes.

After a break, its time for some more at-home contenders. First we have Courtney, in a gold lame dress that makes her look like a sausage. I just want someone to tell these Biggest Loser ladies that just because they've lost a ton of weight it doesn't mean that they have to wear short, tight bandage dresses that are flattering on absolutely no one! That shit is unforgiving. I think Jessica looks so great in part because she picked something looser and more flattering. And so did Bonnie! She's actually wearing pants, and looks fabulous. She's got a little bit of an Annie Lennox look going on. Oh WOW! And then there's Sunny, who is a seriously skinny bitch. She's wearing pants, too, and actually looks like a completely different person. Her face has really changed with the weight loss. And then there's Patrick, who is going to give Sunny a run for her money in this group.

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