Biggest Loser
Season 12: Episode 2

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Down the Donut Hole

Meanwhile, Jennifer has knee problems. She's persevering despite the pain, though. And then Sunny gives Bob some dirt about Donut John. So, apparently John told Antone that Sunny is a) dumb as a box of rocks; b) dumb as poo; c) has an IQ of 90. Well, she's not the one who ate 37 donuts, is she? Also, apparently Donut John has a vision that he, Antone, Ramon and Vinny will form a secret testosterone-fueled alliance and refer to themselves as "The Four Horsemen," and stay in the game until the end. "The Four Horsemen" part is just weird. Bob suggests to Sunny that she talk to John, and then Sunny calls a team meeting as soon as they leave the gym. Bob is all, "Uh, I didn't mean now." I think he wants to go back to bed. Sunny asks John in quite a confrontational manner why he thinks she's such a dumb-ass. John says that he ACTUALLY said that she's either a genius playing dumb, or just plain dumb. I... guess that's better? John then calls out Antone for saying that he would possibly vote off Joe if they lost the weigh-in, and that he has no friends in the house. This conversation apparently led John to say that he'd ask Jennifer not to vote off Antone. Everyone is basically like, "What?" This narrative makes very little sense. Joe tells us that John has all sorts of back-door deals going on, and it's not cool. Antone then jumps in and tells John that it's also not cool to call someone dumb as a box of poo, no matter how smirky you are about it. Bob tells his team to get it in check, because the other teams are looking for cracks in their united front. John apologizes to Sunny, then says he ate the donuts for the team. He then tells us that he didn't come here to be a villain. Good luck with that, buddy.

Without further ado, it's noon, and the grannies and grandpas are working out with Anna. Anna tells us that you're lucky to get two hours to work out in the real world, so these old folks should not complain about their current situation. We learn that Johnny is quite fond of giving up quickly. He steps off of the treadmill, then off of the stair stepper before his time is up. Anna gives him heck (she hasn't quite worked her way up to hell yet) for getting off the machine with only six seconds left to go. Dumb as a box of poo, that one. Anna shares with us a famous Russian proverb, which goes: "Don't sit on the couch and spit at the ceiling and expect things to happen for you." I... uh... okay. Russians, man. Everyone is kind of sick of Johnny and his excuses. Johnny insists on a five minute break, in which I guess he's going to go spit at the ceiling.

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