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Season 12: Episode 2

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Down the Donut Hole

The poor Blue Team needs to have lost more than 23 pounds to stay in it. Becky is first on the scale, and goes from 228 to 223, for a loss of 5 pounds. She's quite pleased. Mike is next, and goes from 297 to 290 for a loss of 7 pounds. The Red Team is feeling a little nervous at this point, though I suspect they don't really have reason to. Bonnie is up next, and goes from 250 to 247, for a loss of only 3 pounds. Johnny is last to weigh in, and needs to lose more than 8 pounds. He's all smiles (or maybe that's a grimace?), but the rest of the team is nervous given Johnny's lackluster performance in the gym this week. He goes from 311 to 313, for a gain of 2 pounds. Well, that's not good news. Johnny says that he worked hard and watched his diet, but maybe didn't do some of his homework in the early part of the week. Anna says that she's surprised but not surprised, because Johnny is constantly making excuses. She tells him that he has to fight to stay there. He says he intends to, but I'm not so sure. The Blue Team lost 13 pounds, which is 1.2%. This battle of the ages thing was a really terrible idea. Mike is the biggest loser on the Blue Team, so can't be eliminated.

Johnny tells us that, even though he gained weight, he hopes that his previous success will be enough to encourage his teammates to keep him. We go straight to the elimination room. Becky votes for Johnny, saying that his efforts were too little too late, while Bonnie never quits. Johnny voted for Bonnie, of course. And Bonnie votes for Johnny, which is enough to eliminate him since he'd lose weight-wise if it came to a tie. I kind of agree with this decision, but at the same time it doesn't seem like getting rid of one of their big guys is going to win the Blue Team too many weigh-ins. Johnny gives lovely tributes to his teammates, and wishes them the best of luck going forward.

Johnny tells us that he's sad to leave the ranch, but his mission is to go home and get healthy. He has a spring in his step again, and Anna has changed his mindset for the better. He thanks her, and says that she's pushed him to do things he never thought he could. He tears up as he talks about his fabulous, supportive family, and sings a littler verse that goes, "America, the next time you see me I'll be thin / And I will win the at-home prize / So make sure you tune in." He's very pleased with himself for this. We catch up with Johnny today. He weighed 328 pounds when he first arrived at the ranch, and today he weighs 269 pounds. Go Johnny! That's a total loss of 59 pounds. Johnny's energy has quadrupled, and he doesn't get tired out playing with the grandkids. He and his wife are going out and about, and he's taken to walking places while wearing a hat from The Music Man. Johnny feels the best he has in 25 years, and is kicking butt, taking names, and having a great time. Johnny is determined to finish the marathon... no matter what! There's no mention of whether he'll treat us to four hours of continuous orgasm noises while doing so.

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