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Season 12, Episode 3

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Red Alert

So, each of the football pros is going to be throwing as well. While the contestants will be throwing from the three yard line, Clay will play from the five yard line, Tony from the ten, and Drew from the fifteen. To give the contestants some overall motivation for the week, Sami announces that the person with the highest percentage of weight lost will get a VIP trip for two to the Super Bowl. Jennifer has to sit on the sidelines for the challenge, since she hasn't been medically cleared to participate.

John's strategy for the day is to take out the pros before they take everyone else out. Apparently they have cardboard cutouts in the mix, too. Antone has his old school Eagles jersey and is quite happy about it. The challenge begins, and Tony Gonzalez vows to take out Patrick first, due to his Green Bay jersey. Green Bay knocked the Falcons out of the playoffs last year, and Tony likes to take grudges to the extreme. In his first hit, Drew knocks out John. Without knowing anything at all about anything, Drew Brees still is a force for good in the world! Maybe he sniffed the donuts on John. John wears a Steelers jersey, which hurts me in several ways. Mike has a grudge against Drew Brees for knocking the Colts out of the Super Bowl, and wastes little time in taking him out. Jessica then takes out Tony, while Clay takes out Becky for wearing a Bears jersey. Then Clay goes after Steelers jersey wearing Jessica, but fails to make the throw. That's RIGHT! She takes him out in retaliation.

With that, all the pros are out of the game. Courtney takes out Sunny, and then Patrick declares his intention to take out the Black Team. He eliminates Antone first, and Antone expresses his sadness that he's the only NFL player amongst the contestants, and took no one out. Soon enough, Mike and Joe are out, followed by Bonnie. Only Red Team members remain, and now they'll have to go after their own kind. Courtney takes out Ramon, Patrick eliminates Jessica, and then Courtney takes out Patrick. With that, Courtney and Vinny remain. Vinny admits that the girls have been kicking the butts of the menfolk, and says he'd just like to beat them at something. Sadly for him, he doesn't have a very good aim. His attempt to eliminate Courtney fails, and then she saunters up and gets him out with one shot. Go Courtney! It is a victory for estrogen. Lots of high fives happen amongst the NFL pros and the Losers, and happiness abounds.

We head back to the ranch, where Bob wants to check in with Antone about his mental state. Antone admits that he was embarrassed when the pro players first came out. He used to eat guys like Clay Matthews, he says. And then he did the equivalent of eating guys like Clay Matthews, but with nachos standing in for players. And now he's let himself slip, and can't compete against them. Antone also got hurt when people kept saying that there were three NFL players in the challenge, and wants to put his bid in as the fourth. It makes him feel like crap that the others don't place him in that elite category. It wouldn't be an episode unless Antone started crying, right?

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