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Season 12, Episode 3

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Red Alert

After a short break, it's time for the second quarter. Dolvett tells us that this is where his people will need to call upon their inner strength. Everyone has slowed down markedly, but they're not done. Anna says that this is where they need to push through the pain and figure out what they're capable of. Bob tells Joe that this quarter is dedicated to his daughter, which seems to inspire him. The Red Team very much wants to beat the Black Team at something, while Bob yells at Jennifer to do her arm exercises harder or he'll break her other leg. With that, it's halftime, and the contestants get ten minutes in the locker room. They also get updated numbers. The Blue Team has now burned an average of 385 calories, the Red Team has burned an average of 475 and the Black Team has burned an average of 570 calories. The Blue Team looks verily disgusted. Anna tells them to maintain hope, and focus. Becky seems quite tired even as she vows to keep going. Meanwhile, the Red versus Black rivalry heats up.

The third quarter begins, as Sami taunts that the Red Team is going to have to step up their game. Dolvett notes that this is a turning point, when everything is about stamina, will and endurance. Bonnie grimaces like you've never seen a grimace. There is more yelling and grunting and whatnot, and Becky is not looking so hot. With the quarter over, Sami updates the stats. The Blue Team is at an average of 568 calories, Red at 719 and Black at 859. This seems like a foregone conclusion, right?

The fourth quarter begins, and the Red Team redoubles their efforts. Anna, meanwhile, wants to make sure that her team burns as many calories as possible even if they don't stand a chance of winning. Dolvett still thinks that the Red Team can do it, and they push with great intensity in the last few minutes. Sami gives the final calorie tally. The Blue Team burned an average of 764 calories. The Red Team burned an average of 952 calories. And the Black Team burned an average of 1171 calories. Damn! I'm going to have to try actually working out really hard for an hour. Wait, but then! Sami congratulates the Black Team for winning a spa day, and Bob says that they did not come on The Biggest Loser to get mani-pedis. They respectfully decline the prize. That's a pretty smart move. Stuff always goes awry when contestants get to go anywhere nice. Dolvett, meanwhile, says that the challenge is a huge wakeup call for him and his team. The Black Team is burning more calories than they are, and this is the week when the Red Team needs to prove something on the scale.

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