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Season 12, Episode 4

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My Blue Tears

Meanwhile, Dolvett takes Courtney aside to talk about her crippling lack of self-confidence. She cries as she says that if it weren't for Patrick, she would have gone home last night. She's also scared that she's not going to be able to lose weight when she goes home, and says that she doesn't want to hate herself. Courtney admits that she's not proud of herself ever. This isn't quite true, though, because Dolvett goads her into admitting that she's proud of the fact that she lost 30 pounds. He tells her that learning to love herself is the greatest love of all, which I'm sure will lead to impressive numbers on the scale, and her showing us all the beauty she possesses inside. Courtney's laughter will remind us how we used to be!

After a break, we catch back up with Hannah and the Black Team. And HA! She's making Jennie-O turkey stuffed peppers. Not to brag, but: nailed it. Though, in this case, that wasn't so hard. It was either Jennie-O, Subway, or Brita filters. Mmm, Brita-stuffed peppers! Charcoal-y.

We then cut to the Blue Team on the beach with Anna. She introduces Season 11 contestant Marcy, who I guess is kind of old, too! Marcy is a great inspiration to Becky, who could frankly be her twin. We flash back to Marcy flexing her impressive guns. She tells the Blue Team that week four is a huge struggle, and then new-ages that when they're stuck and feel like they can't go on, they should think about their "powerful why." That phrase gives me a powerful gag reflex. It basically has to do with why they came to the ranch in the first place, couched in douchey terms. They do running drills in the sand, and then Anna talks about how she enjoys volunteering at the senior citizens center. She tries to get Bonnie to walk fast with her bum knee, and move her arms to elevate her heart rate. Anna says that Bonnie can do a lot of things physically, but is mentally afraid. Well, she could break a hip! She doesn't want to end up like that "I've fallen and I can't get up" lady.

Hannah and the Black Team head to the gym, where Hannah is quite impressed at the giant poster of herself. She's playing assistant to Bob today, and gets to yell at people whenever she wants to. It will not surprise you to learn that Antone is soon lying on the floor and crying. Bob calls everyone together for a little talk. The Black Team has won three weigh-ins in a row, which means that this could be the week of reckoning. Thus, they're paying extra attention to nutrition this week, which will entail changing how they relate to food. He tells them that the food that got them into this house isn't taboo anymore. They don't have to eat it secretly in the car, or under their desks, or hide Ring-Dings in their underwear. However, there is a time and a place for it. Bob says that when you take the mystery out of the food, the food no longer has the power. Joe starts crying, because he likes the feeling of Ring-Dings in his drawers. He confesses that he ate in his car all the time, and would throw away the evidence before he got home. He felt like he was cheating on his family. Ah, but I'm sure there was a telltale fry stuck between the seats! Joe's wife has given him unconditional love his whole life, and he says that he doesn't understand why anyone so beautiful would stay with him. Oh, now he's really making me sad. Bob tells Joe that he needs to have unconditional love for himself if this is going to work. Joe interviews that it's liberating to realize that he does deserve this opportunity, and is worth it. Hannah thanks everyone for a great day, and takes her leave.

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