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Season 12, Episode 4

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My Blue Tears

We then spend some time in the gym with the Blue Team. Anna says that she wanted to do some intensive cardio and a weight circuit with her oldsters to get their heart rates up. There is very suspenseful music playing the whole time, just in case the show lucks out and someone has a heart attack. Bonnie walks on the treadmill as Anna ramps up the speed. Bonnie is clearly very anxious about the whole. Anna tells us that Bonnie doesn't believe in herself, and we see the poor lady start to pant and whimper. But then she smiles! She can totally do it. Bonnie tells us that she didn't think she had it in her, and that Anna has proved a lot to her. Anna totally has to wipe a tear away, and Bonnie tells us that she feels like a new woman now. It's always ten magic minutes on the treadmill that turns people around, isn't it?

Some of the guys talk about how hard it is to be away from home with no contact with family. Antone says that older kids get it, but it's tough with the younger ones. Joe agrees that it's the hardest part of being on the show -- even harder than the workouts. However, missing your family has to be a motivation to put in the work rather than an excuse to go home, even though your toddler may not recognize you by the time you get back. Meanwhile, Courtney is a sports fan, and so Dolvett takes her to shoot some hoops. She says that she gave up playing sports in high school, because she wasn't fast enough and was always the biggest person on the team. Dolvett hates that she gave up, and wants to remind her why she played sports in the first place -- she can be better than she thinks she can be. After a bunch of air balls, Courtney gets several shots in and admits that she's having a good time. Dolvett commends her on her skills, then tries to block her. Courtney gets her shot in anyway, which is of course a life lesson. Dolvett says, "You realize if you've got someone standing in front of you, you move around them, and you score every time. Just like in the gym you score every time. Just like in life you score every time." Now, you know I think highly of Dolvett, but that makes no sense. In no way do you score every time, as inspirational as it may sound.

With that, it's challenge time! Sami tells the contestants that they have something that most people only dream of: world-class trainers, access to a state of the art gym, a kitchen stacked with healthy food, and cheesy armchair psychotherapy. There are no distractions, other than the occasional room full of donuts. But that can't last forever! One day, the contestants will head back to the real world where they'll have to weather all sorts of difficult conditions. And the key word here is "weather." For this challenge, the contestants will compete in a line relay. Each team has a box. The person in the back has to pass the box to the person in front of them, and then race to the front of the line. And so on and so forth until they get to the finish line. Along the way they will endure heat, wind, rain, and even snow. In California! Basically, they're living a day in the life of a mailman. The boxes are actually full of the challenge prize -- letters from home. The winning team will get to read them. Bonnie instantly starts crying at the mere thought of correspondence. Jennifer hasn't been medically cleared for the challenge, but will get to read her letters if her team wins.

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