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Season 12, Episode 4

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My Blue Tears

With that, it's time for weigh-ins. The Blue Team is first. Mike is feeling confident. He goes from 273 pounds to 168, for a loss of 5 pounds. He was clearly hoping for more, and doubt starts to creep in about the Blue Team's chances. Becky is next. She goes from 214 pounds to 212, for a loss of 2 pounds. Oh, dear. Anna notes that Becky has been doing great over the last few weeks, and sooner or later you're going to stall a little and have to take it up a notch. Finally, there's Bonnie. She goes from 240 to 233, for a loss of 7 pounds! Go, Bonnie! She can hardly even talk, she's so verklempt. The Blue Team has lost 14 pounds total, or 1.93%. That's... not so great.

The Black Team is next, and needs to have lost more than 31 pounds. Joe is up first, and goes from 307 to 301, for a loss of 6 pounds. He was hoping for a bigger number, though he feels like he did all that he could. Bob notes that Joe had some mental strife this week, which sometimes compromises your number on the scale. But he gained life lessons! So it all evens out. Sunny is up next, and goes from 245 to 241, for a loss of 4 pounds. She's also disappointed, and Bob points out that they got massive numbers last week, and are now seeing the other side of that. He's still proud of his people, though. Antone is next, and goes from 389 to 381, for a loss of 8 pounds. Sami points out that there's a palpable difference in Antone's attitude and energy, and he acknowledges that he's gotten rid of a lot of junk. He does finally seem relaxed and happy, and everyone is glad about that. John is up next, and goes from 375 to 366, for a loss of 9 pounds. Bob is visibly happy about this, but John says that the wanted double digits. Bob thinks that's whack, and says that John won't be happy until he's pulling confetti out of his hair at the finale. Jennifer is last to weigh in, and needs to lose more than 4 pounds for the Black Team to be safe. She goes from 289 to 282, for a loss of 7 pounds! The Black Team has done it again. Bob commends Jennifer for preserving despite her injury. She tells us that she's a Bob stalker, and loves him, because he's changed her life. I would totally be a Bob stalker too, if I had the chance! The Black Team has lost 34 pounds total, for a percentage of 2.12%.

Finally, the Red Team weighs in. They need to have lost more than 22 pounds to best the Blue Team and stay safe. Courtney is first on the scale. She goes from 240 to 237, for a loss of 3 pounds. She starts to cry, and says that it's frustrating because she began to change her mindset. Courtney says that she let herself down and her team down, though her fellow youngsters are quick to jump in and say they're not let down at all. Dolvett says that they have more work to put in, but now that she's started to change her mentality, she can go that much harder. Jessica is up next. She goes from 221 to 219, for a loss of 2 pounds. Dolvett is starting to get concerned about the low numbers that the ladies on his team are posting. Vinny is next on the scale. He goes from 390 to 382, for a loss of 8 pounds. He feels pretty good about that. This leaves Ramon, who must lose more than 9 pounds for the Red Team to stay safe. He goes from 322 to 311, for a loss of 11 pounds. He was clearly kicking ass this week, so good for him, but mostly I am just depressed on behalf of the Blue Team. The Red Team has lost 24 pounds total, which is 2.05%. They are safe, and someone from the Blue Team is going home.

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