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Season 12, Episode 4

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My Blue Tears

Marcy is quite disappointed and frustrated, and feels that she let her team down by only losing 2 pounds. In other bad news for her, Bonnie has the highest percentage of weight lost and so can't be eliminated. Because there are only three team members, this means that Mike and Marcy are both up for elimination, and Bonnie's vote is the only one that counts. This is for real the worst episode ever. All of the triumphs of the spirit and life lesson metaphors of the past two hours are not enough to overcome the absolute misery that is Bonnie casting the only vote in the Blue Team's third elimination. Marcy tells Bonnie that she's not ready to go home. Mike says that numbers tell the story, and he's been kicking butt with the weight loss. Bonnie says that she's looking at who needs the ranch more, and still has learning to do. And so, she votes for Mike. Mike is PISSED. He says that he respects what she's saying (which he doesn't), but that you don't get rid of your leader. Maybe she was sick of his self-appointed leadership? And I mean, they absolutely have to mix up the teams after this, right?

Mike tells us that his time at the ranch was amazing. He learned a lot, and has a real soft spot in his heart for Anna. He also attributes his increasing strength and stamina to her. Mike wishes that he could have stayed longer, but knows that things will continue to change for him in a positive direction when he gets home. He says that his ultimate message is that age doesn't matter. Looking at the scraps of the Blue Team, I'm not sure that's entirely true. Mike says that you have to have a purpose, and a vision, and to set goals. Otherwise it's too easy to fall backwards. The next time we see Mike, he'll be undefeated -- not in football, but in life! And in metaphors!

We catch up with skinny-ass Mike today! He started on the ranch at 309 pounds, and now weighs 239! That's 70 pounds and like a zillion pants sizes lost. We see Mike coaching football. Before Biggest Loser, he had to ride in a little golf cart on the field. Now he can jog! It's good for him, and good for his team. Mike tells us that his life has changed 360 degrees. As with most people who say this, he actually means 180 degrees. Otherwise, his life would be exactly the same. He's far more energetic, loves to work out, and has been brought closer to his wife Christine through exercise. Christine is quite teary as she talks about the extra time that Mike's weight loss has bought them. Mike plans to lose 100 pounds by the finale, and then enjoy traveling with his wife.

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