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Season 12, Episode 5

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Sunny Came Home

Previously: Biggest Loser alumni returned to share their expertise, cook some Jennie-O turkey and retroactively get out their aggression by yelling at the current contestants during workouts. The Black Team won yet another challenge, and yet another weigh-in. Conversely, the Blue team lost yet another weigh-in, and Bonnie's vote sent coach Mike packing. Bonnie said she was sorry, but I don't really think she was. And that was her prerogative!

Meanwhile, can I tell you all that I have just started week 7 of the Couch to 5K plan? And yes, I did this once before and never finished. But this time I am TOTALLY finishing! And I have the black toenail to prove it. Seriously, you guys, it's so gross. If it falls off, I fear I will pass out from the horrors of it all. I've just been painting it bright pink and living in denial. Has this happened to anyone? Did you survive it? If so, tweet me @traciepotes or email and give me hope.

Anyway, we enter the ranch and there seems to be a challenge-esque thing set up already. The contestants gather with their trainers, and Sami tells them that everyone gave up much to be there -- family, jobs, access to plentiful tacos -- in hopes of changing their lives. She assumes that everyone wants a chance to go back and see the families, friends, and drive-thru Mexican foods that they so love. And this week, someone will get the chance to do just that! One contestant is going home for the entire week. And, bonus! That person's trainer will go with him or her. Anna is nervous about the prospect of going to Mississippi or Arkansas, and you can't really blame her. Wait, but there's more! The person who goes home will also win immunity. But there's still more! The challenge winner's weight will not only count during the weigh-in, it will be the ONLY weight that counts for his or her team. Bob points out that this is not, in the end, a fun prize.

Probably because the prize is so dastardly, the contestants aren't competing honestly for it. Rather, a big Plinko-esque board and bad luck will determine which contestant is the so-called "winner." The contestants each have a card with their name on it, which they get to place anywhere on the Plinko board. They do so in decreasing order of weight loss. Of course none of it really matters since this is all luck-based, though Sunny is a Price Is Right enthusiast and thinks she's pegging a spot likely to be fallen into by the big chip. Sami pulls a lever, and the chip plinks down through the board. And it lands on... Sunny! Wow. She can probably correctly guess the price of a jar of Miracle Whip without going over. Sunny is quite happy about her situation, but Joe points out that she probably hasn't thought this one all the way through yet. Bob is also not thrilled about the situation, even though he gets to head to the excitingly named town of Frisco, Texas. He is a total buzzkill as he tells Sunny that this is not a vacation, and she's not going to have any fucking fun. At this point, Antone is very happy that he did not win, because a lecture from Uncle Bob is always the worst. Bob says that if he has anything to do with it, Sunny isn't going to see any of her loved ones. And he's not kidding! Bob Harper: tearing families apart!

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