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Season 12, Episode 5

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Sunny Came Home

Back at the house, Bob tells the rest of his team that this is not their week to relax and pull back. He wants their hearts to be coming out of their throats. Bob adds that he's very stressed about their current predicament, and Antone reminds us that Sunny has the lowest percentage of weight lost for the Black Team. Sunny pledges to work her ass off, and then Jennifer starts weeping for no reason. And then John starts weeping too! He says he's very happy for her, and that she should go light it up. Joe calls bullshit, given that John has previously stated his opinion that Sunny is dumb as a box of hair. Bob then also calls bullshit, saying that John is really crying because he's having to relinquish control to someone who he believes has an IQ equivalent to Kim Zolciak's wig. This is, of course, totally true, and Bob tells John that he doesn't always have to say the right things. This is a place where he can speak the truth. Bob is still SO pissed off. It's a little disconcerting. Oh God, now John's crying even more. Hold it together, people!

So, there was a commercial break and I took a moment to check some email and whatnot, and was snapped out of it by Anna's voice yelling, "Faster! Good! Faster! Up and down, up and down!" So, for anyone who's having an Anna and Bonnie porn fantasy, go straight to minute 14. Anna tells us that the Blue Team can't afford to lose another person, so they are going to try their darnedest to lose weight, for real this time. It will please you to know that Becky appears to be kicking ass and taking names. Meanwhile, the Black Team minus Bob is fairly dejected. Jennifer, who has to swim all by her lonesome, tells us that she doesn't have the same feelings of camaraderie as her other remaining team members on campus. She's feeling left out. Joe explains that everyone is doing his or her own thing, and hopes that it all works out during weigh-in time. Well, isolation and hope is quite a strategy!

Elsewhere, Dolvett (mmm, Dolvett) tells his Red Team that he's tired of excuses, and he's focused on winning. I'm focused on Dolvett's abs. Holy shit. He tells his people to raise their treadmill incline to 14. They all do it, silently. Ramon says that this is the week when the young guns are finally going to start kicking arse. Dolvett asks Vinny how committed he is, and Vinny says he's in 100%. Dolvett points out that Vinny is one of the biggest guys on the ranch, and his recent losses of 5 or 8 pounds aren't enough. Vinny isn't sure why his numbers haven't been better. Dolvett asks Vinny why he's in so much pain, and Vinny says that he's sick of not winning. Dolvett points out that Vinny is used to being the funny guy on stage, but he's not accustomed to having a challenge. But challenges are okay! And Vinny can learn to win, just like he learned how to play the guitar. Calluses on your fingertips are no different than calluses on your feet! I've never gotten a black nail from fingerpicking, though. Vinny tells us that he knows how to deal with success, but now he's starting to have to deal with failure. He's always avoided the stuff that he's not good at, but now is the time to face the challenge head on.

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