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Season 12, Episode 5

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Sunny Came Home

Meanwhile, back in Frisco, Sunny and her family take Bob to a barbeque shack. Bob gets a little pissy about the menu selection, but eventually orders the extra lean brisket, chicken and turkey breast for everyone. After a series of stinkeyes, he also adds an order of ribs. Bob wants Sunny to make good decisions when she's going to a restaurant where everything is delicious and bad for you. He forbids Sunny to touch the ribs as a glimmering droplet of drool drops from her mouth to the plastic tablecloth. However, she's committed to the concept of balance, though her an older lady there likens rib denial to torture. Perhaps in retribution, Sunny has a surprise for Bob -- a trip to visit the mechanical bull! Hahaha! All that inner thigh strength has to be good for something. Sunny puts a cowboy hat on Bob, and he's finally shamed into getting on the bull. Frankly, he's kind of a natural. This is the second porniest moment of the episode, after Anna and Bonnie getting naughty in the gym. The mechanical bull mechanic totally takes it easy on Bob, and he doesn't fly off or anything, I'm sad to say.

Hour two starts with Bob and Sunny calling home to the ranch for updates. Joe reports that the Red Team thinks they're finally going to get a victory, because Sunny's a pushover. Bob asks how everyone is getting along, and there is awkward silence. Jen says that she feels a little bit like an outsider, but it's getting better. Lady, keep it to yourself! God. Bob tells us that Jennifer comes with a lot of baggage, and has alienated herself in the house. That means that she has a huge target on her back. Bob tells Jennifer that she should feel like a complete member of the Black Team, and that he doesn't want to hear about any cracks in the team cohesiveness, particularly when he's gone. Antone says that Jennifer needs a whole team of doctors, including Phil, Laura, Oz and Dre. Note that he does not wish Dr. Huizenga even on this person who he obviously has pegged as crazy. Antone is not about to hold anybody's hand, and says that everyone is aware of the location of the gym. Bob reminds everyone to stay together as a unit and then proves he'll be a stereotypical parent as he adds an emphatic, "I'm not kidding!"

Dolvett -- now known as Dolvader -- visits his team and gets the happy news that they won a challenge. As a reward, they're going to get an extra beating for their last chance workout. Everyone jokes about Vinny's gut, which he has nicknamed "Cecil." Despite the fact that this is kind of funny, Dolvett is not amused. He says that people with cancer don't name their tumors. Is that strictly true? I bet someone out there has totally named his or her tumor. Dolvett tells us that his team is guilty of being too playful up to this point, and needs to start taking things seriously. With a whole lot of seriousness, he moves them to the gym. Vinny and Ramon clown around while on the elliptical, and Dolvett asks them what the fuck is so funny. The trainers are getting more and more like middle school teachers with every episode. Dolvett tells us that he's sick and tired of the giggling, the laughing, and the not taking things seriously. Also, probably, the note passing. He is beyond pissed. In response, Vinny is also pissed. He says that he's not there to just play around, and gives his fucking best every day. Dolvett is kind of impressed that Vinny is fighting back. He tells him that he's been hiding behind laughing for too long, and making fun of himself before anyone else does. There will be no more laughing on Dolvett's watch! Vinny actually kind of agrees, and then gets some one-on-one attention from Dolvett. Not the kind where he gives you a sensual backrub, sadly.

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