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Season 12, Episode 5

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Sunny Came Home

Meanwhile, Anna works out with her people in the pool. Becky and Bonnie assure us that it's last chance workout worthy. Anna compliments Becky on how great she's doing, and Bonnie tells us that Anna shows favoritism. Bonnie adds that Anna claims to be patient, but is not patient with her. As a result, Bonnie's mood changes instantly when she knows Anna is coming. Anna tries to adjust Bonnie's form in the pool, and Bonnie gets pissed. Anna points out that Bonnie has taken ten minutes to swim two laps in the pool, and is not at all out of breath. Bonnie gives Anna an attitude-laden, "Whatever." Anna says that Bonnie has been through a lot, and got used to being the strong one and getting through it. That's become her crutch. Anna tells Bonnie that she doesn't realize what she can do, and has been getting angry and resistant every time Anna pushes her harder. Anna says that getting angry is okay, and that Bonnie has been holding all of her difficult feelings inside. Bonnie looks like she can't even stand the sight of this pretty Russian lady. She says that sometimes Anna tries to pull reasons for her uncooperativeness from her past. She says that it's not about Katrina, and it's not about her past. It's about the fact that she fucking hates Anna.

Back in Texas, Bob is giving Sunny a Tennessee-style farm workout. She has to push a truck (containing Bob!) in 110 degree heat. She then loads the truck with bags of... manure? I don't even know. I just always assume that it's manure. Bob reminds her that she has the lowest percentage of weight lost for the Black Team, and thus is the one that the Red and Blue Teams would want to go up against. She has something to prove, and so does Bob. Sunny hauls her bags of manure or feed or whatever up a bunch of stairs as cowboys look on. Sunny tries to remind Bob of how hot it is, but he doesn't care. He says that if Sunny isn't number one, there's nothing more they could have done to put her there.

With that, it's time for the weigh-in. Sami welcomes Bob and Sunny back, and Bob is decked out in Texas drag, much to everyone's delight. Sami asks Anna how her week was, and she says that it was pretty good, and that they were addressing some emotional issues. Bonnie looks like she wants to deck the bitch, and Sami can tell. Bonnie says that she did indeed have a lot of emotions regarding the ways in which she and Anna do -- or don't -- get along. She would like to be praised as much as Anna praises Becky, or at least once in a while. Anna says that Bonnie has a lot of anger inside, and that she never really released all of the feelings that came about due to her personal tragedies. And, you know, I do like Anna, but she really shouldn't try to venture into Phillian territory quite yet. Bonnie says, quite emotionally, that she gets upset because Anna brings anger out in her that she's never had before. They need to sit down and talk about it. Anna says that when Bonnie is pushed past her comfort level, she starts opening up and letting the real emotion get out. Bob backs Anna up on this. He says that he's not there to be anyone's friend, but to change lives. Anna agrees. She interviews that Bonnie needs to face reality, let her anger come out, and start taking care of herself. Bonnie stands there and gently scowls.

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