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Season 12, Episode 5

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The Red Team, however, is extra defeated. Jessica has the highest percentage of weight lost, and so can't be eliminated. The Red Team has a chat, and Ramon tells everyone that he's sick of failing. He's sick of hiding and acting like a fool, and wants to be the man he came there to be. There's so much more that he needs to do, he says, but he's glad he got to know his teammates. Vinny says that he came on the show because his health was so bad that he got a disease. He can't believe it went that far before he took action. He hasn't gotten rid of his diabetes yet, and hopes to do so before he leaves. Vinny isn't ready to go home yet, but has made the decision that no matter where he's located, he'll continue to lose weight. Courtney says that she tried out for The Biggest Loser four times, and dreamt of what it would be like to be thin and healthy and be looked at like she was normal. Oh, that is the saddest. She says that she doesn't have the lowest percentage of weight loss, and she works hard every day. Courtney doesn't want to leave, and doesn't think she has the knowledge or training to know what to do right. That's the most we've heard her say over the entire four weeks.

After a break, the Red Team is in the elimination room. Jessica says that everyone needs to be there, but she considered medical factors most of all in making her decision. She votes for her BFF Courtney. Courtney voted based on percentage of weight lost overall, and so votes for Vinny. Sami takes this moment to point out that there's a whole lot of tension at the table, and Vinny agrees. He notes that Courtney doesn't have the medical problems that Ramon has, which is why he's voted for Courtney. He points out that her issues lie more with her confidence than with losing weight. Courtney is like, "Duh, I'm fat too." These two go back and forth for a while, but really the decision is quite obvious. Ramon is BFFs with Vinny, and unlike Jessica he won't vote off his bud. He votes for Courtney, and she's officially eliminated. She walks out with no hugs or anything.

Courtney tells us that this is a bitter thing, but still she made it to week five. She came to the competition not only overweight, but insecure. The person who's leaving has found herself and her inner confidence a bit more, and has started to be happy with herself. Courtney is ready to shock the heck out of a lot of people. The next time we see Courtney, she'll be training for a marathon, be thinner than she was in junior high, and will be the most confident Courtney we've seen yet. Courtney started on the ranch at 270 pounds, and now weighs 205. That's 65 pounds lost! Courtney cooks a Biggest Loser Simply Sensible entrée for her sister, and they agree that it's delicious. Courtney is -- ding ding ding! -- paying it forward with her sister, who also struggles with her weight. Courtney's sister has been inspired by Courtney's experience, and then they both cry as Courtney tells her sister about the Fitness Ridge prize. Good times, good times. Courtney plans to travel the world and inspire others along the way.

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