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Season 12, Episode 6

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How Do You Like Them Apples?

Previously: Sunny went home to Texas with Bob in tow, and back at the ranch her team revealed the fact that Jennifer is a nutjob. The Red Team won the challenge but lost the weigh-in, and had to send a tearful Courtney home. I already totally forgot who she was! Good choice, Red Team. And also, so many nice runners wrote in to tell me not to sweat my black toenail! It may fall off, but apparently it's not a big thing, and there's actually a little toenail that will be already growing underneath it. And also I should get bigger shoes, probably. Anyway, thank you, kind folk!

This week, the contestants' kitchen is decorated for Halloween, even though I'm certain that it was nowhere near Halloween when this episode was filmed. But I suppose this will be a great time to warn us all of the evils of Reese's peanut butter cups. Sami greets the contestants in full-on Bride of Frankenstein garb! It's awesome. And then, as predicted, she goes on to try to ruin Halloween for all of us. To wit: every year, the average American spends $44 on Halloween candy, to the tune of 22 million pounds total sold. The average American eats 24 pounds of candy a year. That's only two pounds a month! Frankly, I don't see it as a problem. Pry the Smarties and Reese's Pieces out of my cold, dead hands, bitches. And yes, I said Smarties.

And speaking of candy, it's a temptation challenge! A scale hangs from the kitchen ceiling full of delicious, sugary candy. Sami says that for every pound of candy "you" eat, you get a pound advantage on the scale this week. But wait, there's more! It doesn't matter who eats the candy, because this week the contestants aren't competing against each other. I'm sure that's a twist designed to not completely decimate the Blue Team. The contestants will all weigh in together, and everyone will be safe if they lose 100 pounds total. As there are 10 players left, that means they'll have to lose an average of 10 pounds each. Since several players had big losses last week, this will be a tall order. If they don't reach the collective 100 pounds, they'll have to vote someone off. Antone says that he's concerned, because people in the house are being weird and you can't trust anybody. Well, that's promising! The trainers can train with whomever they want, and only the biggest loser of the week will have immunity. But back to the candy! The contestants can eat up to 10 pounds of it over the course of the week.

The Red Team tells Dolvett the twist for the week, and he's quite excited about the opportunity to train everyone on the ranch. Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Sunny and Joe drool over the candy. Sunny fills a baggie full of stuff I guess she especially enjoys, and then shoves it in her crotch. I know: hot. Joe pretends to just think that she has extraordinary cameltoe. And then we're in the gym. Dolvett spends some time with Antone, John and Joe, and is ready to blow their minds. They are sadly impervious to his hotness. Bob notes that, since his Black Team has dominated the weigh-ins so far, one of them could be in legitimate danger if the contestants do not lose their collective 100 pounds. Bob gives special attention to Bonnie, and tells us that people have been needlessly coddling her. Well, she complains so much when they don't! Anna works with Sunny, Jessica, and Jennifer. It turns out that Jennifer is quite attached to Bob, and Anna hopes that she'll give her the same amount of effort. In fact, Jennifer is so upset by the sound of Bob training Bonnie that she starts crying. Methinks someone is a little obsessed! Single White Bobmale.

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